Divine decadence!

DecadenceRecapture the essence of sexual freedom in the world of the nightclubs and smoky caverns of pre-war Berlin, where decadence ruled and life was one long cabaret.

In the years before the Second World War, the city of Berlin in Germany was a hotbed of vice and pleasure. In the smoky underground clubs of the era, talented entertainers played to an international clientele, who flocked to the decadent city in search of glamour and fun.

In such a frenetic world, sex was ever-present and favours were given freely and mutually enjoyed. Life was fast and free, played out after dark against a backdrop of music, dance and drink.

The brewing clouds of war leant Berlin a sense of urgency and glamour never seen since, and today those fading images of excess and passion conjure up a picture of an exotic fantasy land where anything could happen.

Dreams of glory

Relive those times long past and let your fantasies take you back to the early years of the nineteen thirties, where by night you are a singer in a dark, cavernous club.

You arrive at dusk, entering by the back door, and start making your preparations for the first show of the evening. In a shabby silk kimono, you sit at the tarnished mirror. Your reflection is illuminated by a surround of light bulbs and you start to apply your thick stage make-up ready for the first performance.

You cover your face with greasepaint, exaggerating your features to almost clown-like proportions, with black eyes and scarlet lips standing out against pale powdered skin.

You reach for your costume, taking first the sexy silk basque, trimmed with black ribbon, which you lace yourself into with a practised hand.

Then you roll on the black silk stockings, carefully, so as not to snag them on your fingernails, and slip your feet into your high-heeled shoes. You are at last ready to face your public and, as the music strikes up for the first act, you know you will be on soon.

You make your way from your dressing room and wait in the wings of the low stage, watching the dancers perform their first routine to open the show.

They shimmer in the stage lights in their glittering costumes and feathers – and when you hear the MC raise his voice above the music with cries of ‘Welcome! Wilkommen! Bienvenue!’ you know it’s your cue.

Star of the show

You enter the stage and are blinded by the spotlight, which follows your every move as you sing to the assembled crowd – a good crowd for the first show of the night. They appreciate the spectacle, with its raunchy songs and suggestive gyrations, and applaud you loudly while the top-hatted MC in the corner of the stage adds his own lewd comments to the proceedings.

Around midnight the place is packed and you play to the throng, glimpsing lovers kissing, men drinking and sexual bargains being struck between men and women across tables at the foot of the stage. Your verbal sex play with the MC increases – and the more daring it becomes, the more the crowd cheer.

Sex on stage

By 4.00 a.m. the tables have emptied and the last of the stragglers are sitting up at the bar, but you play on to the end, inventing and reinventing your own moves to the old songs.

The MC joins you in a final duet, his lithe body perched on the edge of a chair. You approach him, and swinging your stockinged leg over onto his lap, twine your body around his in the most explicit manner, continuing your song.

Hardly anyone is watching now as, one by one, the stage lights dim and you are left alone in the milky cool of the spotlight. There is a tangible charge of sexuality in the air which makes you toss your scruples to the wind.

The MC reaches around your basque and slowly pulls it undone to expose your breasts, which he then starts to kiss, while the music plays on.

You reach down and slide your hand between his legs, where you can feel his penis harden between your fingers, and with dexterity you work your way into his stage costume until you have it erect in your hand.

The final show

Oblivious to the remaining clients and workers in the club, you lean down and take his penis into your mouth, teasing it gently with your tongue until he is on the brink of orgasm. Then, before he comes, you pull off the red panties that form part of your costume and, still astride his lap, take his penis inside you, taking care that every move looks as choreographed as a dance.

Moving in rhythm to the music and still bathed in the spotlight, your hands feel their way over every inch of his body, while he kisses you with passion. You can feel the eyes of the remaining clients watching you appreciatively, enjoying the impromptu spectacle.

The force of your orgasms, when finally you come together, is intensified by the presence of the small crowd which has gathered near the stage. As you untangle your bodies, suffused with pleasure and exhaustion, you each take a bow to riotous applause.

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