Dildos vs vibrators: Which will give you the best orgasm?

When it comes to sex toys, everyone is different. Some women like the buzz that they get from vibrating toys and find that nothing is more effective for orgasm than the Rampant Rabbit’s ears rubbing against their clitoris while its base rotates against their entrance and its shaft rotates against their G-spot.

Others find the whole vibrator thing far too contrived and want the closest simulation to the real thing that they can get in order to orgasm. They might opt for a dildo with pronounced veins or a real-feel dildo that can be warmed up to skin temperature; a dildo with a defined head or a dildo with a moveable foreskin; a dildo with a pendulous pair of balls or even a dildo that ejaculates.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your sex toys – it’s just down to your own personal preferences and what makes you orgasm. However, if you’re not sure which way to go, these questions might help you work out which type of toy is likely to give you the best orgasm.

How quiet do you need your toy to be? If you live with nosy flatmates or are still at home with your parents, you may find a dildo the best option as it won’t give you away with any telltale buzzing. However, if you’ve got the place to yourself or are happy with the level of noise produced by the quieter vibrators on the market, you can get a toy with added buzz.

Do you want to use your toy with a harness: Generally speaking people tend to use dildos in harnesses and vibrators on their own. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to get vibrators that are suitable to wear in harnesses but you’ll find a much fuller range of dildos than vibrators to choose from. If strap-on sex is a regular part of your life, explore the dildo options to the full unless you really need that extra vibration for your orgasm.

How discreet does it need to look? If you think that anyone might discover your sex toy and that would embarrass you, opt for a vibrator as these tend to come in myriad disguises. You can get vibrators that look like pens or like rubber ducks; like pebbles or rings; like perfume bottles or mobile phones. Today’s vibrator is certainly a thing of a thousand masks. Dildos, on the other hand, tend to look like cocks – possibly brightly coloured ones but cocks nonetheless – so you’re less likely to be able to explain them away. Then again, isn’t a great orgasm worth a bit of embarrassment?

How eco-friendly are you? If you’re massively into the environment then the eco option is most definitely a dildo as it doesn’t require batteries to give you an orgasm. Your orgasm is triggered purely though the width and girth that’s filling you, and possibly by rubbing your clit on the base. However, you still need to make sure that it’s pthatlate free if you’re going to have a clean eco-conscience and ideally it should be locally sourced and made from wood or glass. If you think that your orgasms are worth a few batteries here and there, then vibrators are the option for you; just use rechargeable batteries for the sake of the planet instead.

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