Dealing With A Break Up – There’s An App To Help with That..

There are lots of ways to deal with a breakup—whiskey, one-night stands, crying —but none of them are all that helpful. Knowing that there isn’t a failsafe answer for getting over an ex, the makers of a new app are here to provide the solution: Mend promises to be your free “personal trainer” for any nasty breakup. The app utilizes the combination of journalism, original content, and progress-tracking throughout your training so you can bookmark your advances out of the black hole of heartbreak. Need to get on the Mend? Just download the app and enter when and why you broke up with your ex. Mend will also ask you to confess the last time you contacted your ex. Once you’re done, the app’s soothing personal assistant, Elle, will put you through your first ‘training session’ and while telling you all your Facebook stalking and drunk texting is actually normal…

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