Dating? Brexit Is Now The Number One No-No For Bremainers..

“What is the top no-no?” McCallum leans forward and says crisply, “Brexit!” Not only are her clientele’s thoughts on leaving the EU totally non-negotiable, McCallum says Remainers are far more vehemently opposed to Brexiteers than vice versa, “They won’t even consider meeting someone who voted to quit. They spit tacks.” This tallies with a recent YouGov poll that revealed nine per cent of Leave voters would mind if a relative married a strong Remainer, but a whopping 37 per cent of Remainers would object if one of their dear ones married a Leaver. McCallum says this degree of polarisation hasn’t been seen in the UK’s dating history since the days when it was anathema for a Protestant to step out with a Catholic. It’s clear McCallum finds the zealotry baffling. She urges her lonesome clients to be open-minded and the 40-year-old epitomises that quality herself in her unbounded enthusiasm for people and adventure…

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