Cowboys and Indians: wild west sex

Wild west sexChildhood games of cowboys and Indians take on a completely new dimension when played with your partner grown-up style. So pick up a hat, put on some warpaint and prepare for an afternoon of pleasure.

The Hollywood western inspired many generations of children to play the game of cowboys and Indians. The hardy pioneer and the Indian braves, who battled for land in the wild west, were the heroes of the silver screen. Children emulated their struggles in simplified romps, chasing each other endlessly with bows, arrows, slings and guns.

Grown-up style

Grown up games of cowboys and Indians can be just as much fun, with their more sophisticated aims, not of death but of ambush and submission. You can play in the house or, if you have a secluded garden or know of a deserted piece of land, out of doors. Just make sure you don’t frighten the neighbours; otherwise you might find yourself with some explaining to do.

You don’t need to dress up, but it adds to the fun and can also be quite a turn-on. Even the most ordinary man has a certain appeal when dressed in a check shirt, jeans and leather cowboy boots, and the soft suede of the Indian costume could almost have been invented to cling seductively around a woman’s curves.


The aim of the first part of the game is to take your partner by surprise and immobilize them.

If you are playing the part of the sheriff, then you can use handcuffs; if a simple cowboy, then use your lasso or your whip. If you are taking the role of the Indian brave or squaw, then use a piece of thick trapper’s rope. But no matter if you have little more than a dressing gown cord – it is the depth of your fantasy that counts.

Stealth and silence

Stealth and silence are all-important in the cowboy and Indian game, for it is up to you to take your enemy unawares if they are to be your captive. This may mean much creeping around and hiding in wardrobes and under beds, but if you can touch them with your hand or your ‘weapon’ before they have seen you or sensed your presence, then you have all but won the game.

Toss a coin to decide who is to be the hunter and who the hunted, or if space allows it you can stalk one another.

Taking a captive

Once you have found and grabbed your prisoner, they are wholly in your power and you must make them secure. Bind them with the rope or cord, tight enough so that they cannot escape, yet loose enough to enable them to move around and not be uncomfortable.

Now your prisoner is completely under your control, it is up to you to decide their fate. Are you going to scalp them, burn them at the stake or abandon them to rot in the desert – or have you something deliciously wicked in mind?

Feather power

‘Tickle torture’ is an alternative solution and, if the Indian has won the first round, she has the perfect implement with which to inflict divine discomfort – her feather.

She can remove his cowboy boots and, ever so slowly, drag the feather along the soles of his bare feet until he screams for mercy.

If he is really susceptible to the feather’s power, there is no need to limit the tickling to such a small area. She can remove his trousers and run the feather up and down the inside of his thighs and even around his genitals. She should continue until he cannot stand it any longer and is ready to give in to her every command.

Tempting tricks

When she feels he has suffered enough physical discomfort, it is time for a little visual stimulation. She can loosen her clothes and, keeping her captive at a distance, tempt him with the delights of her body, knowing that he can look but not touch.

She can slowly reveal her breasts, moving tantalizingly close, so that he can feel the heat of her body, then back away.

If he becomes aroused, she can treat him to more visual thrills. Standing above her captive, legs either side of his helpless form, she can raise her skirt and seductively lower her panties, swaying her hips hypnotically while tempting him with the potential delights of her femininity.

If he is strong and if he is handsome, he may be lucky enough to be allowed to sample those delights, but only in the manner which she chooses.

If it is oral or penetrative lovemaking she wants, there is no need to untie him. Keeping his hands secure so that he cannot touch her will change the sensations for him and focus the pleasure for her.

Only at the end my it be necessary to free him, as the passion of each lover reaches fever pitch.

Cowboy capers

If the cowboy is the victor, he can treat his Indian captive in much the same way, using the cold metal of his toy gun to elicit frissons of desire from her warm skin.

Rather than a visual display of masculinity, he can seduce her with kisses, starting at her feet and working up to her inner thighs until she is limp with pleasure. Only then will she be ready to do his bidding and make love to her captor with wild abandon.

Peace pow wow

At the end of the game, both captor and captive can enjoy a peace pow wow, soaking in a hot desert spring (a warm bath) to wash away the sticky traces of the game. Then you can resume your normal identities.

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