Choosing vibrators: which is the right vibe for you?

If you’ve never tried using vibrators, it could be you’re baffled by the sheer range of types of vibe on offer and not know which to choose. Do you opt for a rabbit or a simple vibrating wand? Which sensations are you most looking for from your toy? Do you want to insert your toy – and how deeply, if so – or prefer clitoral stimulation alone? And what does it actually feel like to use the different toys?

Think about the sensations you most enjoy while you have sex or masturbate.

If you prefer to focus on and around your clitoris, then it’s easy to use a classic wand vibrator to stimulate exactly the right spots, and adjust as your feelings of arousal develop. Circle your clitoris with the tip of the vibe or rest the length of the shaft across your clitoris. Combine using the vibrator with some delicate finger work to stimulate your clitoris and labia at the same time, perhaps reaching a little way inside your vagina to vary sensations. Use your natural lubrication or supplement this with a good brand of personal lube.

Many women find they do need deeper vaginal stimulation if they are to feel fully satisfied. If that sounds like you, the rabbit vibrator is a wonderful way to combine vaginal, and G spot, with clitoral stimulation. The experience of orgasm using a rabbit vibrator can be intense – and even intensely emotional too. You can begin by using the vibrating bunny ears on your clitoris to get yourself wet and ready to take the shaft inside. When you’re ready to insert the vibrator, some women like to do this gradually, a little at a time, and others to plunge quickly with one deep thrust. Try the different speed settings, and directions, of the rotating shaft and experiment with angling the shaft around inside you.

The bunny ears and shaft can be separately controlled. You might like simply to lie back and feel the vibrator swirling inside you while the bunny ears rest against your clit, though it can be that when you turn the bunny ears on, with the vibe inside, it takes you to orgasm in seconds. You can also turn the vibe round if you like anal stimulation, or if clitoral stimulation is too intense.

In terms of sharing your vibe with your partner, rabbit and wand vibes should look sufficiently cheerful and generally non-penis-like so as not to threaten him or put him off. Talk about it first, though. A lot of men really enjoy watching their partner masturbate, though they might be a bit taken aback if you spring your toys on him unexpectedly. Tease your own body with the toy – and stroke his penis, kissing and touching him to keep him feeling involved. Pace your arousal, perhaps leaving the bunny ears off to begin with; it can worry a guy if he sees his partner having an orgasm in under a minute with a vibe while with him it takes longer than that!

Above all follow your fancy and have a go. Both wand and rabbit vibrators have a lot to recommend them – and why not try both? The wand vibrator might seem more understated, and that can be good if you’re a little bit shy; the rabbit looks as if it’s more designed for fun, and it’s great just to cast any doubts aside for your first time and take the plunge. Be prepared for a powerful experience! And do get your partner involved with your new best friend.

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