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Gay Porn Star Pleads Guilty To Filming Threesome On London Tube..

A gay porn star has pleaded guilty after filming a threesome on a London Underground train, allegedly before other passengers. George Mason, whose gay porn name is “HungYoungBrit,” and his boyfriend Nicholas Mullan, 24, recorded a video of them engaging in

Hi-Tech Cock-Ring Vibrator Trains Both Partners Better Lovemaking..

Lovely is a smart, wearable sex toy that stimulates the both of you, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Thanks to feedback provided to a companion app, it makes each romp after that better than the last. Wirelessly chargeable and

Google Under Fire For ‘Pray Away The Gay’ App In Their Play Store..

Google has come under fire for featuring an app that encourages gay people to seek controversial conversion therapy in its online store. The app, created by US Christian group Living Hope Ministries, advises young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers and adults to become

More Than Half Of Women Lose Their Virginity Before They Feel Ready..

Many people in the UK are losing their virginity before they are “ready”, which can have serious effects on their health and wellbeing, researchers claim.  According to a study published in the BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health, nearly 52 per

Falling In Love Literally Changes Women’s Bodies, Says Scientists..

Scientists have found that falling head over heels for someone causes women in particular to produce a specific kind of protein. “New romantic love is accompanied not only by psychological changes, but physiological changes as well,” UCLA researchers wrote, according

LGBTQ Advocate Is Using Nudity In Male Body Image Debate..

Mina Gerges is an Egyptian-Canadian model and LGBTQ advocate. He’s on a mission to change the way men think about their bodies, and he’s doing it in the nude. The 23-year-old posed completely naked for the first time for a spread in

Sex Clubs Now Need To Hire ‘Consent Guardians’

House of Yes, in Brooklyn, New York, adds a new twist to this game: the intricate problem of how to verify consent in a sexual interplay is resolved by the presence of a hired controlling agent. The club is a

Sex Toy Award Revoked After Device Deemed ‘Immoral’..

The organisers of CES 2019 have been forced to apologise after they revoked an innovation award given to a sex toy company because the device was deemed “immoral”. Lora DiCarlo had been named an innovation “honoree” in CES’ robotics and drone category

Watch: What It’s Like To Be A Full-Time Sex Slave..

Talk about a devoted girlfriend. While many women enjoy roleplaying in the bedroom, 23-year-old Antonina Barbuzza is her boyfriend’s full-time “slave.” Follow the link to watch as this BDSM-loving couple, known as Nancy and Jack, interact in their home in

Netflix Pulls $60m Production In N Carolina In Pro-LGBTQ Stand..

In a showing of support for LGBTQ people, Netflix has announced it will not do business in North Carolina as long as a key portion of the state’s House Bill 2 remains in effect. The streaming giant had considered shooting a