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Trump Admin Poised To Remove Transgender Bathroom Protections..

The Trump administration plans to roll back protections for transgender students and is preparing changes to federal guidance that required the nation’s public schools to allow students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that matched their gender identities. A

The Many Ordinary Things That Are Sperm Killers..

Sperm killers are everywhere. They saturate you in the shower, seep into your skin in the checkout line, and even ooze into the convenience food you grab on the run. No matter the point of entry, many everyday chemicals are

Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos Under Fire For Paedophilia Remarks..

Milo Yiannopoulos, a polemical Breitbart editor and unapologetic defender of the alt-right, tested the limits of how far his provocations could go after the publication of a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13

Straight Guys Confess Same-Sex Encounters In New Study..

Can a guy identify as straight while still hooking up with other guys from time to time? According to another new study: Yes! The study was published in the journal Sexualities and was led by Héctor Carrillo and Amanda Hoffman

Laws Are Putting Strippers In Greater Danger..

Members of the East London Strippers Collective campaign group have seen the rise and fall of the ‘bonanza era’ of exotic dancing, and they say women are the ones suffering. Councils introduced a “nil policy” restricting the number of clubs

Hoe Sex Positive Transgender Porn Is Helping People..

Like the real world, the porn industry can be a really affirming place for people who are otherwise marginalised out in the real world. Just like the real world, LGBTQ performers need more allies and advocates in their corner. We

Heterosexual Couple Lose Bid For Civil Partnership..

A heterosexual couple, who went to court to fight for their right to enter a civil partnership, have lost their latest battle. Rebecca Steinfeld, 35, and Charles Keidan, 40, who object to the ‘patriarchal baggage’ of marriage, wanted to secure

Kentucky Bill Forces Men To Bring Note From Wife Before Getting Viagra..

Tired of what she considers the government inserting itself into women’s private lives, a Kentucky lawmaker has decided to return the favor. Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, a Louisville Democrat, has introduced a bill that would force men who want to

Uber’s ‘Urgent Investigation’ Of Sexual Harassment Claim..

The chief executive of Uber opened an internal investigation Sunday into claims of sexual harassment made by a former engineer at the company. The engineer, Susan Fowler, said that she was sexually harassed by her direct supervisor during her time

Homophobia Costs The World Economy $100 Billion A Year..

Research conducted by UNAIDS researcher and health economist Erik Lamontagne finds that homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia have a considerable toll on the world’s economy. In order to calculate this, Lamontagne correlated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with the level of discrimination