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Having Older Brothers Could Increase Chances Of Being Gay..

Having older brothers could increase the possibility of being gay, a new study has found. Professor Tony Bogaert, a researcher specialising in human sexuality at Brock University, and his team looked into birth order to see if it shaped sexuality.

Posting On Tinder? It Could Get You 25 Years In Federal Prison..

Posting or Hosting Sex Ads Could Mean 25 Years in Federal Prison Under New Republican Proposal. Under a proposal from Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R–Va.), anyone posting or hosting digital content that leads to an act of prostitution could face serious

Despite Trump Ban, Pentagon To Allow Trans People To Enlist In Military..

Transgender recruits will be allowed to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, the Pentagon said, as President Donald Trump’s ordered ban suffered more legal setbacks. The new policy divulged Monday reflects the difficult hurdles the federal government would have

Surprising Success Rate Of Office Party Hook-Ups..

It may sound like a massive cliche, but a survey has found that the likelihood of a long-term relationship being sparked up at the office Christmas party is higher than you might think. What might have remained subtle flirtations throughout

Trump’s Accusers Call For Congress To Investigate Sex Assault Allegations..

On Monday morning, several of the women who have publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct will call upon Congress to launch an investigation into the claims. According to a press release from Brave New Films, they will talk about

Scientists May Have Identified Two ‘Gay Genes’ For First Time Ever..

We already know it, but here’s even more evidence to suggest sexual orientation isn’t a ‘lifestyle choice’. Scientists have been researching the so-called ‘gay gene’ for decades, studying how sexual orientation is partly heritable in men and understanding genetic variations

Sex Still Sells – As Fireman Calendars Still Prove..

In a small, comfortably crammed souvenir shop in one of downtown Manhattan’s municipal buildings on December 5, men and (mostly) women stood in a line that wound around display racks of baby-sized NYC Traffic Cop night glow safety jackets and

Shocking Truth Behind Vile Rape Of Defenceless Woman..

A woman told her husband she had been raped after a drunken night out – but the truth behind who did it was devastating. The 35-year-old man received a call to come and pick up his wife after she was

Scientist Study Identical Twins – One Gay, One Straight – To Understand Sexuality..

Scientists are studying identical twin sisters – one of whom is heterosexual, the other is homosexual – to try and gain a better understanding of human sexuality. 29-year-old Sarah Nunn and Rosie Ablewhite are genetically identical and had the exact

‘X Men’ Director Bryan Singer Denies Raping 17 Yr Old Boy..

Film director Bryan Singer has issued a statement denying allegations of sexual assault, as well as saying that he will “vehemently defend” himself in a lawsuit brought forward against him. The 52-year-old – who is known for directing and producing