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Harvard Study: Kinky Sex More Prevalent Than Previously Thought..

Anyone who thinks attending Harvard University is an all-work, no-play proposition needs to check out the results of a sex survey conducted there by erotic toy maker CalExotics. Coinciding with the annual Harvard Sex Week, the study invited students to

‘No Gays Allowed’ Billboard Goes Up In NYC’s Times Square..

A billboard bearing the message “NO GAYS ALLOWED” has been installed in New York City’s iconic Times Square. NBC reports that the billboard, which reads “NO GAYS ALLOWED” on a blank white background, was installed on Tuesday and is set to

Penis Fillers – A Rising Trend For Men Wanting Bigger Members..

The lengths men dissatisfied with their penis size will go for larger endowment has increased, thanks to the rising popularity and availability of penis fillers. Injections to increase the size of the penis circumference, commonly known as penis fillers, promise

Surveys Suggest There Is A Worldwide Sex Recession..

“Sex recession” is a term coined by journalist Kate Julian in a recent article from the Atlantic that tries to understand why people are having less sex. They are? Where? Everywhere that is counting. In 1990, the average adult in

Sex Toy Firm Offers Staff Days Off To Masturbate..

While many companies are reluctant to allow their employees to have time off, one British firm is encouraging its staff to take time off to masturbate. In fact, LELO UK, a sex and intimacy brand, has become the first company

Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Associated With Suicide Risk..

A new study published this month in the Journal of Homosexuality finally provides some concrete evidence, however, that sexual orientation conversion therapy during adolescence is associated with poor mental health outcomes. The study recruited 245 LGBT people between the ages of

‘No Nut November’ Means No Ejaculation For A Month..

No Nut November is not, in fact, a plan based on dietary changes. Nope, it is about wanking. Or not wanking, rather. No Nut November is an annual event that encourages men to go thirty days without ejaculating – or

Prince Charles Was Told To Have Many Affairs Before Marrying Diana..

Prince Charles’ colourful dating history has attracted the public’s attention for decades. His affair with Camilla Parker Bowles during his marriage to Princess Diana was one of the most controversial moments in the monarchy’s recent history. However, a documentary has

More Good Sex Could Add £90 Billion To The U.K. Economy..

A study has looked into the correlation between more climaxes, happiness, and our work output as a result. Over three quarters (78%) of Britons surveyed said orgasms make them happier, two thirds (66%) say that they feel more productive after

Man Impaled On Table Leg In Grindr Date Gone Wrong..

Police are seeking a potential witness after a man plunged three floors from a Sydney balcony and was impaled on a table leg on the same day he met up with another man on a dating app. The Swedish-American national