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The Rise Of The ‘Slow Divorce’..

The final bang of the door, followed shortly afterwards by divorce papers thudding on to the mat… that’s the general perception of how a marriage ends. Because when it’s over and you’re angry, why wait to make it legal? Last

Is Gay Sex Always ‘Sinful’? – Probably..

It’s clear that the actual sin is not the act of ‘sodomy’ it is the state of being gay itself. Gay is sin. That is how the church sees it, ostensibly because it hinders procreation which is why drunk and

Cheryl Crow’s Slut-Shaming Of ‘Sexual’ Pop Stars Sets Women Against Women..

In a recent interview with Dan Rather, who shared some of Madonna’s recent speech on misogyny from the Billboard Music Awards, Sheryl Crow hinted that Madonna and other female pop stars damage the image of women when they use sex

How Marijuana Can Help Your Sex Life..

Reports indicate that marijuana can improve sex once it starts. In a 2014 article on The Cut , a psychology professor at the University at Albany reported that the CB1 receptor — a cannabinoid receptor in your brain that is

Michigan Bill Would Halt Legal Sex Between Cops And Prositutes..

Police in Michigan would no longer be legally allowed to have sex with prostitutes during undercover investigations under legislation making its way through the Legislature. Michigan is the last state left in the U.S. that gives police immunity from prosecution

When ‘This Is America’ Becomes An Anti-Gay Slur..

Donald Trump has changed us. In his America, white males can man-handle a woman who dares to step ahead of them. Public taunting of people deemed “other” is fine, because this is America. This is only the first 100 days

Nearly 50% Of Male Partners Have Turned Down Period Sex..

While 30% of people want more period sex, 45% of women have had a male partner turn down sex because they were on their period. That’s a bummer, because it means nearly half of us are missing out on sex

Chicago Archdiocese To Settle Priest Abuse Suits For $4.45M..

CHICAGO – The Archdiocese of Chicago will pay $4.45 million to settle three lawsuits brought by three men who allege they were sexually abused over a decade ago by a former Roman Catholic priest and convicted sex offender. Mark Brown,

Texas Couple Trying To Set Up Three-Way Poly-Marriage..

For some, a marriage with one person can already seem too complicated to maintain. However, Texas resident Benno Kaiser and his wife Cristina are convinced that they can make a three-way marriage work. And, like any healthy union, this one

Lawmakers: Faith-Based Adoption Groups Can Spurn Gay Couples..

Alabama lawmakers on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill protecting faith-based adoption organizations that refuse to place children with gay parents, or other households, because of their religious beliefs. The legislation would prohibit the state from refusing to license