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Overhaul Of Sex-Ed In U.K. Likely To Elevate LGBTQ Rights..

England’s schools could for the first time treat LGBT life the same as heterosexuality in a radical shift that campaigners say would transform the lives of children struggling with their sexuality or gender. According to draft guidance published by Britain’s

‘Roe Vs Wade’ Movie Is Pro-Life Propaganda To Overturn It..

On June 11, reported on the production of a “Roe v. Wade movie” that was filming in New Orleans. On July 3, The Hollywood Reporter revealed more details of said production, describing the film as a “secret Roe v.

Sexual Betrayal Can Cause PTSD-Like Symptoms..

Sexual betrayal is traumatic because infidelity is an “attachment injury.” Our life partner is our secure home base, our haven in a heartless world. We lose faith in our secure home base when our life partner betrays our trust. The

Trump Is Not Homosexual But Definitely Homosocial..

Since the 2016 election and even before, there has been a persistent meme, sometimes in the form of protest art or jokes by comedians, posing President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as gay lovers. As HuffPost’s James Michael Nichols

U.S. Accuses Alleged Russian Spy Of Offering Sex To Infiltrate Groups..

A Russian national suspected of spying for the Kremlin offered sex in exchange for access to an American special interest group, the government alleges in a memo filed in federal court Wednesday. That’s just one of many intriguing details in the

New Research Reveals Why So Many Women Watch Gay Porn..

New research has shed light onto why gay porn is so popular among women, with factors including a love for the male form and enjoying the versatility of gay sex. Researcher Lucy Neville said she surveyed more than 500 women for her book,

Inside View Of A CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) Fetish Party..

A chair was placed in the middle of the room, with a dildo taped to the seat. One by one we men had to sit on it, using the women’s spit as lube, then we shifted up and down on

Americans’ Views On Sexual Morality Are The Most Liberal On Record..

According to the results of Gallup’s 2018 Moral Issues Survey, Americans’ views on sexual morality continue to become more liberal. For the majority of issues Americans were surveyed about, Gallup actually recorded the most liberal views on record. Among the most

Famed Gay Porn Star Opens Up About The Lonely Reality Of His Job..

Blake Mitchell is a popular gay porn star enjoying fame in the adult world but struggling in other aspects of life. He has spoken out on his YouTube channel about being lonely and his struggle juggling dating with his job.

Virgins Furious With Catholic Church For Saying They Can Have Sex..

Imagine spending your whole life going without sex, in the name of your religion, only to have the rules changed halfway through the game. It’s no wonder these women are so furious about the Vatican’s latest announcement, suggesting virginity is