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Men Put Off Wearing Condoms As They’re Too Big For Most Penises..

We’ve all met guys who say that they don’t want to use a condom. Many of us have dismissed them as selfish pr*cks, more concerned with their own sexual pleasure than our sexual health. No condom = no sex. Thems

The UN Wants US Businesses To End Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination..

The UN’s action is not just aspirational, it is unfortunately defensive — designed to protect LGBTI workers, suppliers, distributors and consumers in the U.S. and abroad, in large and small companies alike, that still face discrimination based on how they

Tinder Just Got Shallower – Putting Looks Over Personality..

It’s no secret that dating apps are, for the most part, appearance-based. You are literally swiping right (hello there) or left (see you never) based on what someone looks like in their pictures. And the latest Tinder update has arguably

Weinstein: British Police Investigating Four More Sex Abuse Allegations..

British police are investigating five sexual assault allegations involving film producer Harvey Weinstein, sources have confirmed to the Press Association after more women came forward to make complaints. On Sunday, an alleged victim said Weinstein assaulted her in Westminster in

India Shields Child Brides From Sex..

India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a part of the country’s legal code that had permitted men to have sex with their underage wives — a decision that human rights groups said was an important step forward for the

The UK City Where Sex Work Is Banned, But Hasn’t Stopped..

Hull is the UK’s only city to have banned sex workers from its red light district, effectively making prostitution illegal. The council says the policy is working, but Millie, who once worked on the streets herself, says it increases the

Rise Of The ‘Bromance’ Threatens Heterosexual Relationships, Warn Social Scientists..

The rise of the ‘bromance’ could threaten heterosexual relationships, academics have warned, after discovering that many men find their close male friendships more emotionally satisfying than relationships with women… Read more:

Robert Downey Jr. Blows The Whistle On Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring..

The movie star reveals names of powerful elites associated with the global pedophilia network! Famous actor Robert Downey Jr. has disclosed horrifying information and uncovered the lid on a colossal Hollywood pedophile ring that consists of powerful Elites “all over

Why Women’s Sex Drive Decreases..

Many of us enjoy having sex, which isn’t a surprise. However, for women, it can become less appealing as they get older. It’s been said that as women age their sex drive starts to decline, but this isn’t necessarily because they’re not interested

Sex-Mad Tourists Lured To ‘Drug-Fuelled Hooker Holiday’ May Have A Nasty Shock..

FURIOUS officials have vowed to put a stop to a drug-fuelled orgy offering unlimited sex with hookers in a “sex island experience” holiday in Colombia… Read more: