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Beyond Dating Apps There Are Now Apps For Staying In Love..

Some apps in the space are designed specifically to jumpstart real-life interactions, especially conversations that can be awkward or difficult to initiate. Desire, which has over one million downloads and users ranging in age between twenty-five and forty-four, according to

TV Host Claims U.S. Will Be Nuked If It Passes LGBTQ Equality Act..

Pat Robertson has claimed that the US will be facing a nuclear attack if it passes the Equality Act, a LGBT non-discrimination law. The televangelist and host of The 700 Club made the prediction on his nationally-syndicated TV show after

Dating Millennials Care More About Politics Than Good Sex..

The number of millennial men and women who prioritize political party alliance over good sex has skyrocketed since 2016, according to data from OkCupid. The matchmaking company surveyed more than 8 million users, and found that interest in dating someone

Bombshell: Gay Trump Supporter Sold Pics Of Sister With Jeff Bezos For $200k..

Well, the rumors are true: a gay Trump supporter sold out his sister and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $200,000. The Wall Street Journal confirmed longstanding rumors that Michael Sanchez, brother of Bezos’ mistress Lauren Sanchez, received a $200,000 fee for

Watching Porn And Playing Video Games Damages Relationships, Study Claims..

It’s no secret that too much screen time can have a negative impact on various aspects of our lives. A recent study has found that it isn’t just the screen time – specific activities can negatively affect relationships the most.

Trump Smirks As Brazil’s Far Right Pres Says They’re United Against LGBTQ People..

President Jair Bolsonaro said that the U.S. and Brazil are united in their efforts to undermine and erase LGBTQ people while Donald Trump stood beside him. Bolsonaro and Trump delivered joint statements at the White House yesterday to kick off

U.S. Presidential Candidate Speaks Out Against Circumcision..

Entrepreneur and political newcomer Andrew Yang is finding new ways to stand out from the dozen or so other people who’ve officially announced they are running to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Now, he may be the first candidate to

Fertility App Found To Be Over 90% Effective In Preventing Pregnancy..

Fittingly, it didn’t take developers long to look to our phones for a possible future alternative to birth control. A new observational study on the fertility tracking app, Dot, found that the app was over 90 percent effective at preventing

Warner Bros CEO Steps Down Over ‘Sex For Roles’ Scandal..

Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara is stepping down after claims that he promised acting roles in exchange for sex. As chairman and chief executive officer at one of Hollywood’s most powerful and prestigious studios, Tsujihara is one of the highest-ranking

Over Half Of Grindr Users Believe They Can Find Love On The App..

A new study has found that 56.5% of Grindr users believe they can find love on the popular dating app. Compare the Market recently conducted a poll that surveyed over 2000 adults on their online dating habits and their beliefs