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The Health Benefits Of Masturbation..

Masturbation, or touching one’s own genitals for pleasure, is something that babies do from the time they are in the womb. It’s a natural and normal part of healthy sexual development. According to a nationally representative US sample, 94% of

Discredited Study On Gay Marriage Shakes Trust..

Last week, the finding that gay canvassers were in fact powerfully persuasive with people who had voted against same-sex marriage — published in December in Science, one of the world’s leading scientific journals — collapsed amid accusations that Mr. LaCour

Cate Blanchett And The Hollywood Closet..

Hollywood’s continuing obsession with the closet is ironic—but perhaps also fitting—given how closeted Hollywood itself seems to be. And the mystery surrounding Cate Blanchett’s discussion of her own sexuality is just the latest example of a growing disjuncture between Hollywood’s

Infidelity Lurks In Your Genes..

AMERICANS disapprove of marital infidelity. Ninety-one percent of them find it morally wrong, more than the number that reject polygamy, human cloning or suicide, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Yet the number of Americans who actually cheat on their

Gay Irish Couples Hope To Wed By Christmas..

Gay couples of Ireland woke up Sunday in what felt like a nation reborn, with dreams of wedding plans dancing in their heads. This new reality was sinking in after the Irish people voted with a surprisingly strong 62 percent

Ireland Votes YES To Gay Marriage..

DUBLIN — Ireland has become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote, sweeping aside the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church in a resounding victory Saturday for the gay rights movement and placing the country at

Some Like It Hot: How Coffee Perks Up Sex Life..

Drinking two cups of coffee a day could perk up performance in the bedroom, a study suggests. Research found that men who drank two cups a day were 42 per cent less likely than non-drinkers to report erectile dysfunction. This

Teacher Accused Of Letting Students Have Sex In Classroom..

A middle school math teacher in Georgia, USA, is accused of allowing students to have sex in a classroom. Quinten Wright, 25, was arrested Tuesday after being charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Wright

Same-Sex Referendum: Irish Polls Open..

Voters in the Republic of Ireland are taking part in a referendum on legalising same-sex marriage today. More than 3.2m people are being asked whether they want to amend the country’s constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Study: Women’s Sexual Highpoint Is In Their 20s..

It turns out, that if you’re in your mid 20s, you have already had more than half of the good sex you’re ever going to have. According to a study released today, it is all going to be downhill from