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Why Parents Allow Kids To Watch More Sex In Movies..

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics reports that violent scenes are now more common, with gun violence tripling in movies since 1985. Sex scenes in R-rated movies are up, too. One possible reason: the more parents watch movies

Couple Get Stuck Together Having Sex In The Sea..

An amorous Italian couple on vacation decided to make the most of a warm day on a deserted beach when they dipped themselves into the deep blue sea at Porto San Giorgio, Italy, to have underwater sex. The sexy rendezvous

LGBT Legacy Erased From Black History..

There have been numerous debates, articles, columns, movies and documentaries about how the legacy of racism has had a negative effect on so many aspects of African-American community, from our families to the way we interact with each other. It

In The USA Sex Is For Rich People..

America has decided: Sex is for rich people. Non-procreative sex in particular. How else would you explain the trap we’re laying for poor people who deign to get it on? Our country apparently doesn’t want low-income Americans to have free

Sex And The Synod: What Catholic Women Think..

Views of Marriage Experts (Who Happen to Be Women) Under-Represented at Synod. Although the Catholic Church has often faced accusations of waging a war on women, many intelligent, successful, and accomplished women strongly support the Church’s countercultural teaching on marriage,

Paris: Giant ‘Sex Toy’ Sculpture Meant To Be Xmas Tree..

This inflatable “Christmas tree” erected in Paris is making passers-by feel a little uncomfortable. The 80ft-high object is raising eyebrows because of its uncanny resemblance to a sex toy, but is actually an installation by American artist Paul McCarthy. Simply

Catholic Church To Welcome Gays And Divorcees..

Catholic bishops signaled a radical shift in tone Monday about accepting gays into the church, saying they had gifts to offer and that their partnerships, while morally problematic, provided homosexual couples with “precious” support. Read more:

Is The Vaginal Orgasm Really Non-Existent..?

Female sexuality, including the female orgasm, is complex. While anatomy is important, sexual response is more than the sum of our nether regions. And while there is certainly evidence that the clitoris is penis-like in nature, with similar developmental features,

Anal Play Is Not Just For Gay Men..

For straight men, while we do not have data to show if they had performed or received analingus during their last sexual encounter, we do know that according to a study published in 2010 by the Journal of Sex Research,

‘The Snappening’: Thousands Of Explicit Private Pics Leaked Online..

Explicit pictures taken with photo sharing app Snapchat are among more than 90,000 images reportedly leaked online. Hackers accessed the haul of private photos of users – many of whom are children – over several years using a third-party service