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Do ‘Typical’ Sexual Fantasies Even Exist..?

Can we use unusual sexual fantasies to identify sexual deviancy? Is there a link between what people fantasize about and how they actually behave? Psychiatry’s two main diagnostic manuals list certain sexual interests – such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, sadism

5 Ways Boomer Generation Changed Sex Forever..

Everything about what currently occurs in our bedrooms has completely changed since boomers came of age — including the fact that “what we do in our bedrooms” is no longer only being done in our bedrooms. Sex has spilled over

WHO Advises Male Ebola Survivors To Abstain From Sex..

Men who recover from Ebola should abstain from sex for three months to minimise the risk of passing the virus on in their semen, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday. Ebola, a disease that has infected and killing

Hugh Hefner’s Sex-Life Secrets Revealed..

She had so much fun while living at the Playboy mansion. Kendra Wilkinson said she moved from a small apartment into the mansion with Hef. She is being really open about her life and talking about it all. She spoke

Bad Family Planning Sends Abortion Sky-High In Vietnam..

At a small Hanoi cemetery, Nguyen Van Thao opens a fridge and pulls out a bag of bloody foetuses to prepare for burial – a grim reminder that Vietnam has one of the highest abortion rates in the world. Around

Study: Homosexuality Has Evolutionary Role In Bonding..

Homosexual behaviour may have evolved to promote social bonding in humans, according to new research. Dr Diana Fleischman, of the University of Portsmouth, says that the results of a preliminary study provide the first evidence that our need to bond

Sex On TV Gets Hotter – And Smarter..

As Showtime President David Nevins put: “Just having sex on television is not so amazing anymore. So you have to have something interesting to say about it and something interesting to explore.” And so shows have gotten more adventurous in

World’s First Gender Neutral Sex Toy…

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all – a company release a gender-neutral sex toy. This one’s for women AND men: Introducing the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy. The Transformer can be used by people of any gender or

Why Sex Counts As The Best Form Of Exercise..

Most people already know that sex can leave you sweat drenched and panting for air when it is finally finished. What isn’t common knowledge is if sex can really be considered physical exercise. In a study conducted by researchers at

Have Scientists Found A ‘Gay Gene’..

Have scientists finally found the ‘gay gene’? Major new study of 800 brothers backs claims sexuality is in our genes. Results bolster previous evidence pointing to genes on X chromosome. Study doesn’t identify which of hundreds of genes located in