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World’s First Gender Neutral Sex Toy…

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all – a company release a gender-neutral sex toy. This one’s for women AND men: Introducing the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy. The Transformer can be used by people of any gender or

Why Sex Counts As The Best Form Of Exercise..

Most people already know that sex can leave you sweat drenched and panting for air when it is finally finished. What isn’t common knowledge is if sex can really be considered physical exercise. In a study conducted by researchers at

Have Scientists Found A ‘Gay Gene’..

Have scientists finally found the ‘gay gene’? Major new study of 800 brothers backs claims sexuality is in our genes. Results bolster previous evidence pointing to genes on X chromosome. Study doesn’t identify which of hundreds of genes located in

Can I make my tiny penis bigger?

Penis size - can it be bigger?

Penis size is a worry for many men, with most of those seeking surgical ‘enhancement’ already very much around the average mark – or bigger. When a man feels he has a very small penis – advice is given.

Study: More Than One In 10 UK Men Have Paid For Sex..

More than one in 10 men have paid for sex, according to a major study of British sexual habits. The majority of the 11% who had done so had visited sex tourism hotspots such as Bangkok and Amsterdam. The report,

Research Shatters Belief That Women Reach Sexual Peak At 35..

Contrary to popular belief, it seems women may actually reach their sexual peak before men. According to a recent survey conducted by Atlanta-based sex toy manufacturer LoveHoney, women reach their sexual peak at age 26, while men peak later –

Call For Better Understanding Of Sex And Dementia..

The Alzheimer’s Society is calling for better understanding of people living with dementia, who could not rely on logic or reason. “They are overwhelmed with feelings and trying to make sense of the world around them, and they will seek

Same-Sex Couples Seek Nationwide Ruling From Supreme Court..

Same-sex couples seeking the right to marry are asking the Supreme Court to settle the issue of gay marriage nationwide. Appeals being filed Friday urge the justices to review last week’s lower court ruling that upheld anti-gay marriage laws in

Nominees For Bad Sex In Fiction Award Announced..

The shortlist for the 22nd Bad Sex in Fiction Award has been announced. According to Literary Review, which has run the prize every year since 1993, its purpose “is to draw attention to poorly written, perfunctory or redundant passages of

Is The Idea Of A ‘Pink Viagra’ A Pharma Sham..?

Many women report losing their desire for sex, some temporarily, some permanently. Is this a relationship problem, a normal aspect of life changes or, as the pharmaceutical industry maintains, an “unmet medical need”? That was the question under consideration for