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Porn May Be Destroying The Urge For Real-Life Sex..

Studies show that easy access to free internet pornography is having devastating effects on real-life relationships. “For many individuals, the more porn they consume, the more likely it is that they can end up preferring the fantasy to reality, they

Sex Workers, Drug Users, LGBTs – A Church That Welcomes All..

In a basement on the Upper West Side Pastor Brown offers a space where LGBT and other socially marginalised people can be at home with their Christian faith. A former dominatrix brought up in a strong Baptist family in Queens,

Single Guys Real Thoughts About Dating Over 50s..

Men who seek out and date women in their 50s do so because they WANT TO. Because they dig chicks who have a little more maturity and experience; because they enjoy the mutual compatibility and sympatico you get with someone

All Dolled Up: China Sex Toys Play For Real..

Beijing (AFP) – She lay quietly on a narrow bed, greeting potential customers with an impassive stare and a disproportionately buxom form: meet “156″, a stand-in companion for Chinese men with empty beds. Named for her height, she is a

Watch: Siri Is Anti-Gay In Russia..

She would “turn red if she could” when asked to point out where the nearest gay clubs are.. Watch:

U.S: DEA ‘Sex Parties’ Began As Early As 2001..

Drug Enforcement Administration agents were having “sex parties” with prostitutes paid for by local drug cartels as early as 2001, according to an internal report provided to a congressional committee. This news comes weeks after the Justice Department released a

Shock Survey: Grilled Cheese Lovers Get More Sex..!

Apparently if you are a grilled cheese lover, you also have an amazing sex-life! The dating site Skout conducted a survey of 4,600 people. The results revealed that 32% of those that loved grilled cheese have sex 6 times a

Londoner Lives In Happy Menage A Trois In LA..

Meet the 34-year-old Londoner who lives with his two girlfriends in perfect harmony. Adam Lyons, 34, lives with Brooke Shedd, 26, and Jane Shalakhova, 25, in Los Angeles, US. Adam and Brooke have just given birth to a baby boy,

Giant Panda’s Epic Sex Tape Leaked Online..

A giant panda broke the record for longest sex session last week. But now, raw footage of the pair romping has been published online – and it makes for totally NSFW viewing. In what was hailed as the first live

How Grindr Went From Sex App To An Opera..

Grindr is one of the most famous apps around, and now it’s inspired a pop-influenced opera, with songs about sex, intimacy, and more sex. Standing on stage in a black-and-yellow dress, blond hair teased high and a face of makeup