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Sex Education Is ‘Failing Millions’..

Sex education is failing millions of young people, with most students turning to porn to fill in gaps in their understanding, according to the National Union of Students (NUS). Two-thirds of students questioned in a survey by the NUS rated

Does Online Porn Make Men More Violent..?

A top judge recently claimed hardcore online pornography was having a “dramatic effect” on crime levels and encouraging young men to commit vicious sex attacks. But is this true? We asked sex experts if they thought the digital porn explosion

Survey Debunks Myths Of Sex Lives Of Elderly..

A sizeable minority of men and women are still sexually active into their 80s, according to a study which debunks the myth that older people no longer have sex. Older men are getting more action than women, however, and a

Gary Glitter Sobs In Court Over Child Abuse Images..

Gary Glitter broke down in tears as he explained to jurors why he had been in possession of child abuse images. Sobbing uncontrollably, the 70-year-old said he had been in a bad place in his life, and was struggling financially,

Study: How Pornography Harms Sexual Behavior..

According to a study, men who watched more pornography deliberately conjured up pornographic images to maintain arousal during sex and preferred pornography over real-life sexual encounters. In other words, pornography is not mere fantasy for men; instead, it shapes how

Pot Infused Lubricant Aims To Enhance Female Sex..

It’s been said that marijuana enhances sex by smoking it, but one company is adding a new way of in taking it for the same purposes. The product – named Foria – is a pot laced sex lubricant for women.

What Online Search Data Tells Us About Sex..

Let’s start with the basics. How much sex are we having? Traditional surveys are no good at answering this question. Heterosexual men 18 and over say that they average 63 sex acts per year, using a condom in 23 percent

The Orthodox Guru Who Gives Kosher Sex Advice..

How widespread sexual aversion is among ultra-Orthodox women is impossible to say, and the question is made especially difficult because there is a host of movements and sects with varying statutes and customs. But there is an erotic ideal that

Boy Scout ‘Perversion’ Files To Be Unveiled In Court..

Previously sealed Boy Scout “perversion” files spanning 16 years could soon be in the public eye as part of a negligence lawsuit set for trial Monday that a victim of sex abuse filed against the organization. Opening statements were scheduled

The Long And Complex Secret History Of Same-Sex Marriage..

What do you think of Stephen Fry getting married to Elliott Spencer? Did you see the pictures of Elton John and David Furnish’s wedding? Can you remember the name of Mary Cheney’s bride, or Jodie Foster’s? Just a few years