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Have A Sexy Slutty Halloween..!

Halloween is a get-out-of-jail-free card, a chance to throw body hangups and propriety out the window and dabble in the slightly-too-risque sphere that would earn some serious side-eye if donned on the average Tuesday afternoon. The anonymity of a costume

Watch: Masturbation Not Unnatural, Animals Do It…

Historically, one of the many arguments used to demonize masturbation was that it’s unnatural (i.e., it doesn’t occur in nature). If only they’d had the internet, they’d have figured out that they were dead wrong. Read more:

Apple CEO Comes Out “Proud To Be Gay”…

Apple’s Tim Cook has publicly come out as gay, saying he is proud and considers it “among the greatest gifts God has given me.” Writing in Businessweek, the chief executive said that while he has never denied his sexuality, he

Study: Lots Of Sex May Protect Prostate..

Having sex with more than 20 women might have some risks for men, but a new study suggests it could also have an unexpected health benefit. Canadian researchers report that such promiscuity lowers the risk of prostate cancer by 28

Canadian Radio Host Fired For Being Kinky..

This weekend, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sparked a national sex conversation when it dismissed popular radio host Jian Ghomeshi. In a Facebook post, Ghomeshi claimed he was fired because his participation in consensual BDSM had come to light and corporation

Naked Rambler Loses His Human Rights Case..

The so-called naked rambler Stephen Gough has lost his case at the European Court of Human Rights after claiming he suffered repression over his nudity. Mr Gough, 55, complained about his repeated convictions and imprisonment. Since 2003 he has been

Check-list Of Sexual Addiction – Are You A Sufferer..?

While there is no official diagnosis for sex addiction, some clinicians and researchers have attempted to define the sexual addiction by the following criteria: Frequently engaging in more sex and with more partners than intended. Being preoccupied with or persistently

With Same-Sex Marriage Comes ‘I Do’ Or ‘I’m Not So Sure…’

When gay marriage became legal in Pennsylvania earlier this year, Elissa Goldberg was ready to say “I do.” Her longtime partner’s reaction, however, was “I’m not so sure.” The couple had been together more than 20 years, which Anndee Hochman

Perverted Sex-Life Of Penguins Censored ‘Til Now..

The secret life of sex-mad “hooligan” penguins rampaging around the South Pole was kept under wraps by a stunned Antarctic explorer. George Murray Levick endured the coldest temperatures on earth, life-threatening blizzards, survived by eating blubber and was part of

Watch: Why Kids Sext And What Parents Can Do..

Last week, author and journalist Hanna Rosin prompted renewed conversation about teens and nude photos in an in-depth article for The Atlantic titled “Why Kids Sext.” Rosin appeared on HuffPost Live to further discuss the topic of teen sexting and