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Watch: Why Kids Sext And What Parents Can Do..

Last week, author and journalist Hanna Rosin prompted renewed conversation about teens and nude photos in an in-depth article for The Atlantic titled “Why Kids Sext.” Rosin appeared on HuffPost Live to further discuss the topic of teen sexting and

Swingers Face High STD Risks..

A group of decidedly un-hip researchers claim to have discovered a connection, for the first time, between swingers, drug use, and sexually transmitted diseases. They found that nearly 80 percent of people who swap mates on the regular are engaging

To Cut Or Not To Cut – The U.S. Debate On Circumcision..

To cut, or not to cut? Although circumcision rates are declining in America, foreskin is still a hotly debated issue. spoke to three American women and two American men on the merits and pitfalls of sex with circumcised versus

He doesn’t like oral sex: help!

Oral sex issues

What’s going on when your male partner doesn’t like you giving him oral sex? Could it be your technique – and is there anything you can do to encourage him to like you giving him a blowjob? Advice is given.

Study Proves Sex-Ed Empowers Teens To Delay First Sex..

Comprehensive sex ed classes that emphasize healthy relationships and family involvement can encourage more middle school students to put off having sex, according to the results from a new study published in the Journal of School Health. The results have

What Hitler’s Sex Life Was Really Like..

Albert Speer, one of Hitler’s confidants, wrote that Eva Braun would prove “a great disappointment to historians”. She may disappoint historians, but the woman who was Frau Hitler for just 24 hours, before engaging in a joint suicide pact in

Watch: Lovestruck Woman Rescued From Man’s Chimney..

A woman looking for her soulmate found herself trapped in the chimney of a man she met through an online dating site. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, was rescued by a team of firefighters after attempting to enter the man’s home in

Why Parents Allow Kids To Watch More Sex In Movies..

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics reports that violent scenes are now more common, with gun violence tripling in movies since 1985. Sex scenes in R-rated movies are up, too. One possible reason: the more parents watch movies

Couple Get Stuck Together Having Sex In The Sea..

An amorous Italian couple on vacation decided to make the most of a warm day on a deserted beach when they dipped themselves into the deep blue sea at Porto San Giorgio, Italy, to have underwater sex. The sexy rendezvous

LGBT Legacy Erased From Black History..

There have been numerous debates, articles, columns, movies and documentaries about how the legacy of racism has had a negative effect on so many aspects of African-American community, from our families to the way we interact with each other. It