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Sex positions and cramping: three questions

Sex positions, cramping and body size

With one partner on the large side and the other petite, not all sex positions might be comfortably available. What, though, when sex causes cramp? Advice is given.

The UK’s 10 Strangest Sex Laws…

We recently uncovered a raft of unusual, arcane, outdated and just damn strange sex laws in America . But America can’t be the only place where sex is regulated by people who’ve only ever read about it in books, can

Great Australian Sex Census Revelations About Technology…

Reports suggests more than 17,000 Australians share great details of every aspect of their sexual lives, including whether they ever created any sex tape or watched pornographic videos. It was found that around a third of men and women (29.6

Why Swinger Couples Have A Lower Divorce Rate..

Ever wonder why swinger couples have a lower divorce rate and why they have more fun than monogamous couples? Singers live different lifestyles as compared to monogamous in many aspects. For instance, swingers are able to interact with different people

Study: Religion A No-Go For LGBTs – Increased Suicide Risk..

Put simply, god isn’t helping LGB people deal with their issues. At least that’s what the results of a new study from the Williams Institute says. It’s called “The Role of Help-Seeking in Preventing Suicide Attempts among Lesbians, Gay Men,

Movie Review: “Sex Tape” – A ‘Sex-Filled, Wild Comedy..’

Starring a mostly veteran cast of Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe, and Nat Faxon, “Sex Tape” is an overdramatic, sex-filled, wild comedy. Similar to Diaz’s recent “The Other Women” film, “Sex Tape” attempts to take

Man Sends Wife Spreadsheet Of No-Sex Excuses..

The key to improving intimacy is creating a spreadsheet to document all the times you felt rejected and then emailing said spreadsheet to your partner, right? Wrong. For some reason, though, one unnamed man presumably thought it would be a

The sex is great, the wet patch is horrible! Help!

It's great sex, but as for the wet patch...

A partner who gets really wet when you’re having sex, or who enjoys female ejaculation, can be a blessing and make for a vibrant sex life. Some men, however, can worry. Advice is given.

Zambia: Demands For Unsafe Sex Increases HIV Risk..

A Zambian sex worker living with HIV says efforts to reduce new HIV infections are being hampered by demand for unprotected sex, which comes at a higher price. Mary B, from Mongu, west of Zambia’s capital city Lusaka, said the

Pic Of Clubbers Having Public Sex Sparks Outrage..

A picture of two female clubbers appearing to have sex with two men in a car park outside a nightclub has sparked outrage online. The image has been shared on thousands of social media accounts after being taken outside El