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Tinder Could Be Causing Rise In STDs..

Cases of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Rhode Island and health officials in the state are pointing to the role of encounters made possible by social media, CBS Boston reports. The health department says syphilis cases in

The Rise Of The ‘Weaker Sex’ – Men Beware..

The vast majority of women would prefer to have a partner who does his bit both financially and domestically. But they would rather do without one than team up with a layabout, which may be all that is on offer:

Why Testicles Have Little Sexual Desirability..

Testicles do have a long association with strength and potency: to lack balls is to be weak; to be ballsy is to display gumption. But neither has anything to do with testicles as a physical attribute, and everything to do

America’s Moral Compass Is Shifting..

America is shifting when it comes to moral issues. According to a new Gallup survey, more Americans are accepting previously controversial relationships like same-sex couples, having a baby outside of marriage and premarital sex. Comparing responses from 2001 to 2015,

6 Things To Know About Sex During Pregnancy..

Although you probably know everything about sex by the time you get pregnant—after all, it’s what landed you in this situation in the first place—you may still have plenty of questions about knocking boots while you’re knocked up. Those might

Study: Males Find Brains Sexier Than Breasts..

Men value intelligence over breasts, long legs and other supposed attractive physical features, according to a study by a University of Cambridge academic. Evolutionary biologist David Bainbridge has said: “The main thing that men are looking for is intelligence. Surveys

The Health Benefits Of Masturbation..

Masturbation, or touching one’s own genitals for pleasure, is something that babies do from the time they are in the womb. It’s a natural and normal part of healthy sexual development. According to a nationally representative US sample, 94% of

Discredited Study On Gay Marriage Shakes Trust..

Last week, the finding that gay canvassers were in fact powerfully persuasive with people who had voted against same-sex marriage — published in December in Science, one of the world’s leading scientific journals — collapsed amid accusations that Mr. LaCour

Cate Blanchett And The Hollywood Closet..

Hollywood’s continuing obsession with the closet is ironic—but perhaps also fitting—given how closeted Hollywood itself seems to be. And the mystery surrounding Cate Blanchett’s discussion of her own sexuality is just the latest example of a growing disjuncture between Hollywood’s

Infidelity Lurks In Your Genes..

AMERICANS disapprove of marital infidelity. Ninety-one percent of them find it morally wrong, more than the number that reject polygamy, human cloning or suicide, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Yet the number of Americans who actually cheat on their