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Sharing Sex Toys: A Guys’ Guide For Pleasing Her

It has been said that there are good evolutionary reasons for her clitoris being on the outside, where your penis doesn’t do a great deal to stimulate. (Yes, we know: the clitoris is a far larger structure than appears on the outside, stretching back into her body, above her vagina and with legs around the urethra, so your penis might there do a little something to stimulate, if you’re huge. Meanwhile, uptown?) It has been said that this particular distribution of pleasure bits inclines the beautiful sex in terms of partner selection to men who have such qualities of care, intelligence, attention to detail, even selflessness, as are most suited to getting women off – qualities we can surely all admire. It has also been said that all our sexual-physiological arrangements prove is that God is not a woman, but let us eschew such pseudo-metaphysical guff. Men, her clitoris is your opportunity to shine. You have the key. You have a tongue, you have lips, you have lubricated fingertips, a veritable Chubb-lock of ecstasy. And you have her sex toys.

Choosing vibrators: which is the right vibe for you?

If you’ve never tried using vibrators, it could be you’re baffled by the sheer range of types of vibe on offer and not know which to choose. Do you opt for a rabbit or a simple vibrating wand? Which sensations are you most looking for from your toy? Do you want to insert your toy – and how deeply, if so – or prefer clitoral stimulation alone? And what does it actually feel like to use the different toys?

Sharing your rabbit vibrator with your partner

Although some men feel uncomfortable about their partner using sex toys as they feel threatened by them, at least as many men find the idea of watching their lover masturbate a top turn on. As such, introducing your man to your rabbit vibrator may well lead to a seriously hot night.

Sex it up with her rabbit vibrator!!

Guys, the first thing to remember when you want in on her bunny vibe play is that your ‘job’ between the sheets isn’t to pleasure her: it’s not a performance; you don’t ‘deliver orgasms’, as if your partner is merely

My man wants anal sex play: am I losing him?

Using anal sex toys on him: when he wants anal sex play, could this enhance your relationship or are there issues?

Which dildo will send you to orgasmic bliss?

Once upon a time the choice of sex toys was limited and if you wanted a dildo your only options were big fleshy cocks, or if you were lucky, bigger black ones for fetish fans. Nowadays, you can get dildos of every shape, size, colour and texture. Some dildos are beautifully crafted crystal works of art while other dildos are shaped like a fist and look more like something you’d use to hurt someone. There are dildos designed for the vagina and for the anus, dildos that fit in harnesses and dildos with suction cups on the end. These questions will help you identify which dildo is likely to give you the ultimate orgasm.

Dildos vs vibrators: Which will give you the best orgasm?

When it comes to sex toys, everyone is different. Some women like the buzz that they get from vibrating toys and find that nothing is more effective for orgasm than the Rampant Rabbit’s ears rubbing against their clitoris while its base rotates against their entrance and its shaft rotates against their G-spot.

How to get the most orgasms from your dildo

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, which is one of their benefits. Some dildos have sucker-cup bases so that you can attach them to a surface and ride or push back against them. Other dildos can be used with a harness as a strap on, for lesbian and straight couples alike. Indeed, retailers estimate that a third of strap on dildos that are sold today go to straight couples who use them so that the woman can penetrate the man anally, which can result in intense prostate orgasms. Dildos can even be worn by men so that they can doubly penetrate their partners.

Eight reasons why orgasms are better with your lover and your vibrator

While vibrators can make a fabulous addition to your sex life, it’s all too easy to become so reliant on your toy that you forget about the many orgasmic pleasures your partner can bring. The Lovers’ Guide has collated some of the top reasons that orgasms are better with your lover as well as with your vibrator. In an ideal world there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy both.

How to get the most orgasms from your vibrator

A vibrator can be a fantastic way to add more orgasms to your life but, as with anything, the more you look after your vibrator, the more orgasms it will give you. Follow the Lovers’ Guide tips for vibrator maintenance and you can guarantee you’ll still be enjoying orgasms from your faithful friend years into the future.