Sex Q&A

The sex is great, the wet patch is horrible! Help!

A partner who gets really wet when you’re having sex, or who enjoys female ejaculation, can be a blessing and make for a vibrant sex life. Some men, however, can worry. Advice is given.

Soreness after sex

Me and my boyfriend were both virgins and have just had sex for the first time. Although it was a little bit painful when he entered me, it was bearable. The only problem is that my perineal area was very sore and was wondering if this is just due to our inexperience? Do I need to tell him to be more careful or is there actually a problem if it hurts there? Is there anything I can do to stop it hurting so much?

Should we get a dildo?

Unsure if a dildo might add extra zest to your sex life – or of the ways you might use one? Perhaps concerned the male partner might feel left out? The Lovers’ Guide takes the plunge.

Does penis size matter?

Too big? Too small? Just right? In a society where bigger is always better, it won’t come as much of a surprise that the most common sexual fear among men is that their members don’t match up. But what do the girls think? Does penis size matter? (Well, maybe, a bit, yes.)

Where do we draw the line in bed?

Anything goes? Shed the last of your inhibitions. Here’s how ‘good girls’ can all quit worrying and learn to love the rich variety of pleasures to be had from a darn good, loving romp.

Why all the fuss about sex positions?

Do positions matter all that much? Can we not just stick with the tried and tested ones that work? Well, if one partner wants (a lot) more than ‘missionary’ and meanwhile the other is quite content with (usually) him on top, then you have issues – which, in all probability, range far beyond the bedroom door.

Is it normal to fantasise so much?

Worry not about your – or your partner’s – sexual fantasies. (Remember: they’re not real life!) Do start to worry if you can’t discuss your fantasies at all – or even admit you have them. You’re a couple? Get talking – like this.

What’s the difference between ‘screwing’ and lovemaking?

They’ll both have a place in your sexual repertoire, but grasp the difference and you’ll take your intimate life to new, higher levels – built on trust, understanding, acceptance and, of course, passionately charged L-O-V-E.

Will circumcision affect my sex life?

If you have a tight penis, which will not draw back, circumcision for medical reasons can pave the way for a more sexually vibrant – and infection-free – future.

Is fantasising during sex bad?

Q: I am 22-years-old and I have been with my girlfriend for two-and-a-half years now. My problem is that I’ve never reached an orgasm without thinking of something, like imagining other people having sex. I would so much like to reach an orgasm just thinking about nothing or just about my girlfriend.