Sex Problems

Sex problems: ‘Sexual arousal makes me need to pee’

When I masturbate, often with a clitoral stimulator/vibrator, I get extremely aroused but it often makes me need the toilet – for a pee!

Overcoming temporary male impotence

Temporary impotence strikes many men but it can soon be overcome by the truly loving couple. The Lovers’ Guide shows you how.

Sex problems shared: cystitis

One in every two women will get it, but follow these simple steps and you’ll stand a better chance of it not being you.

Sex problems: I was abused as a girl

Overcoming the painful legacy of child abuse – towards a healthy sex life.

Sex problems: My husband’s got anal issues

My husband is a good lover. Recently he’s asked me to stimulate his anal area . I’m worried it might turn him gay. Help!

Mis-matched sex drives? Six ways to bridge the gap

Lost your appetite for sex? Sometimes you’re not in the mood when he is and vice versa. Whatever your level of desire, follow these simple tips to help sustain love-making.

My husband has gone off sex

My husband has lost all interest in sex. I’m worried there’s something wrong with him, but he’s reluctant to visit the doctor. Please advise.

My boyfriend is so passive in bed

When it comes to sex, I always have to take the lead. I don’t mind sometimes, but not all the time. Help!

Oral sex dilemma

My boyfriend is making me feel very unhappy about having oral sex with him because I won’t swallow his semen. Please advise.

His breast technique is a turn-off!

My husband claims to be a breast man, but whenever we make love he grabs my breasts in a way that’s a real turn-off. It’s causing real problems. Help!