Sex Problems

Painful sex

Painful sex is a very real problem that can rock the steadiest relationship – but by finding out the possible causes, the problem can often be overcome.

Problem: ‘I have failed to achieve female orgasm since childbirth’

Since I gave birth to our two year old child, I have not been able to achieve even one orgasm during sex. I used to have multiple orgasms nearly every time I had sex with my husband. Now only vibrators work. I feel like a failure and it has almost completely put me off sex. What is wrong with me?

Problem: ‘I’m worried about a lesbian sex fantasy’

Don’t take your same sex fantasies literally: they don’t mean you’re a voyeur, a ‘pervert’, or that you’re really gay. Do explore the masculine and feminine parts of yourself, which underlie such fantasies, and your relationship and love life can grow.

Problem: ‘I get so little out of masturbation’

If masturbation has gone stale for you, follow these tips and you’ll get your levels of sexual arousal back to the right heights.

Problem: ‘I have never had a successful relationship.’

I’m a 37 year old hetero male and my sex life has been absolute rubbish, or I’ve explored areas like BDSM that have proved very damaging to me mentally.

Problem: ‘I only ever reach orgasm when I’m on top.’

‘When I have sex with my man, I like to ride him. Why? Because that’s the only way I have had an orgasm. I want to know how he can give me an orgasm without playing out that position.’

Problem: ‘I have a small penis.’

Worried that you have a small penis? This advice should help reassure you – both that you’re probably perfectly normally endowed, and that, no matter the size of your penis, you can still be a fabulous lover.

Problem: ‘My vagina is very dry.’

Vaginal dryness is a problem many women experience, yet there are usually a few easy ways of getting this problem solved. We show you how.

Problem: “My husband hates après sex”

“My husband is quite a good lover and we have a perfectly OK sex life, apart from one thing: once he has come, he rolls over and goes to sleep, often leaving me unsatisfied. How can we get over this?”

Delaying premature ejaculation

Cure premature ejaculation. The ‘stop-start’ or ‘squeeze’ techniques should set you to rights.