Sex Problems

Sexual mood swings: what’s the problem?

Advice is given to a man who experiences huge, periodic variations in his states of arousal and readiness to ejaculate/orgasm. When premature ejaculation alternates with retarded ejaculation, what’s going wrong?

My partner doesn’t like my sex toys

There are men out there who have issues with their partner’s sex toys. The sense of competition is a factor. So too is the nagging thought that, as ‘real men’, they should be delivering all the sexual pleasure their partner needs. Advice is given.

My partner masturbates to porn

We may feel we should be the one and only for our partners – then we catch them masturbating looking at porn. Where do we go from there. Advice is given.

Sex positions: when he can’t penetrate her

Our enjoyment of our best sex positions is obviously hampered when penetration is a problem. Advice is given on what the issues might be when penetration, even after plenty of foreplay, is proving difficult.

My partner is turning me off sex

Recently I’ve found that I haven’t been in the mood for sex even though I’ve always had a high libido. Every time my partner makes a move on me I find myself pushing him away. He doesn’t seem to understand that I’ve got a really demanding job and I can’t just make myself want it as soon as I get home. He just seems to resent it. I also feel like sex is all about him – he’s not doing it because he fancies me but because I’m there. Is my relationship doomed?

Sex and relationship therapy – volume II

With resident therapist, Paula Hall (BASRT Acc, BACP Acc, UKCP Reg). Questions: My husband’s HB medication has led to erectile dysfunction. I have little sensitivity and can’t ejaculate inside my wife. My girlfriend does not want sex with me.

I’ve never been able sexually to arouse my mind

Physically I get aroused, my genitals swell and become very lubricant. But I can’t seem to connect the two hence I don’t feel the urge to continue after I loose the feeling in my genital area after a few minutes. I feel if I can connect the two I’ll have greater sensations and will be able to cum and hopefully orgasm.

Sex and relationship therapy

With resident therapist, Paula Hall (BASRT Acc, BACP Acc, UKCP Reg) Each month Paula will be here to answer your questions on sex and relationships. Whether you’re a man with erection problems or ejaculatory difficulties, or a woman struggling to reach orgasm or experiencing painful intercourse, Paula is here to help.

Matching your sex-styles: two questions

I have always heard that women like men to take their time warming their woman up through kissing, caressing, masturbation and oral sex. My partner, though, goes straight for my cock, rubbing it vigorously or a few slurps of oral sex, but then can’t wait to get me inside her. She does seem to orgasm most of the time, and I do too, but I wonder if this rush to the finish means there’s something wrong with me or with her?

Problem: ‘Full sexual intercourse isn’t pleasuring me’

A Lovers’ Guide visitor writes: “I’ve been with my boyfriend for nine months and recently we have started having sex. Before, I was a virgin. We have only had sex three times and each time was sore and uncomfortable. For a number of months, we had been intimate with one another and I found this extremely pleasurable and usually reached orgasm within 15-20 minutes, but since we have had sex, I have not found being intimate as enjoyable, I don’t reach the same level of arousal and I find it hard to reach orgasm. What’s wrong with me?”