Sex Play

Sex outside. Is it time you were taking your love life to the great outdoors?

Finished working your way through the Karma Sutra in the bedroom? Then why not get out of bed and do it somewhere less boring instead?

The art of kissing

A really good kiss can be far more memorable than a regrettable drunken fumble. Ask most people and they remember their first kiss in all its detail; the location, the way it felt, how it made them feel and how their partner tasted. A kiss marks an important turning point in many people’s lives; the first time they felt even a flicker of attraction towards another person.

My sexiest night ever: Men and women tell all

Great sex isn’t about putting the right bits in the right places. Sometimes, romance will add to an experience. At other times, raw passion will be the thing that makes a particular time stick in your memory.

Marvelous masturbation tips!

Masturbation improves your sexual confidence, reduces stress, boosts your self-esteem and is great for you sex life. So please yourself!

Real life sex advice

What’s the secret of great sex? The Lovers’ Guide readers share the fruits of their wisdom.