Sex Play

Clothes, sex and fantasies

Many people, in their favourite fantasies, use unusual clothes to create a new sexual identity. Why confine the dressing up game to the world of fantasy? Extend your wardrobe and liven up your sex life.

Be spontaneous! Quickie sex

For much of their sex-lives together, lovers concentrate on a sensual, lingering build-up to lovemaking. Yet sometimes a raw sense of urgency takes over, and then a couple just can’t wait…

Aphrodisiacs – fact and fiction

Leave Viagra aside – or see a doctor – and have sexy fun with traditional aphrodisiac lotions and potions and foods. One or two of them work!

Tantric sex – sexual ecstasy

For most people, sex is something to do purely for pleasure, but for those who practise the ancient art of Tantra, it is a religion and a way of life.

Dream on: a guide to living out your fantasies

“You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true.” So the song goes – and, while plenty of people might be content to leave their fantasies purely in the mind, others would be over the moon if their dream came true.

Sex on the ‘net: Your guide to cybersex

A recent survey found that 42% of women have experimented with ‘cybersex’ – the 21st century successor to phone sex, using chat rooms or email rather than the telephone. Not only is cybersex cheaper than phone sex (intercontinental coitus for the price of a local call) but it’s also more discreet so you can do it at work without getting knowing glances from your workmates.

Group sex: Yes or no?

Once you are past the heady days at the start of your relationship, when you are both experimenting with each other’s bodies, you may, like most couples, think about experimenting with new ways of making love.

Is three the magic number? Relationship reality – and fantasies explored

Perhaps you’ve fantasized about having sex with more than one person at a time for a while, or maybe it’s not something that’s ever crossed your mind until mentioned by a partner. Either way, threesomes and group sex are hugely popular fantasies.

Advanced sex techniques: some individual preferences

Most people are curious about some aspect of ‘spicier’ sex, be it bondage, group sex, 69-ing, exhibitionism or simply new positions. The Lovers’ Guide is here to lead you through some of the most common questions.

How to perform a sexy striptease

As a striptease artist extraordinaire and founder of the London School of Striptease, Jo King is always being asked about her sexy stripping tips. And it’s not just women who want advice. An increasing number of men are interested in stripping for their lover. So what can you do to make sure that getting naked for your lover is the ultimate sensual experience? Jo King explains.