Sex Play

Exploring your rabbit vibrator alone

The Rabbit is one of the world’s best selling sex toys. Known variously as the Jack Rabbit, the Rampant Rabbit and of course, the Jessica Rabbit, it shot to fame when Charlotte in Sex and the City developed a dependency on hers and was, err, at it like a rabbit.

Sex with mirrors

Possibly the largest but least used sex aids in existence, mirrors can be found in every home – and when used creatively, can do more for your sex life than any number of aphrodisiacs.

Food sex!

If food is your sex fantasy, why not take a selection of what you fancy and partake in an erotic feast – with your partner as the main course.

Soft bondage

One of the great sexual fantasies of all time, bondage can be wildly erotic and deeply passionate, adding that hint of danger, spice and abandon to your lovemaking.

Striptease – him for her

Surprise your partner by tempting her with your own personal striptease act. And by daring to bear all, you can provide a tantalizing prelude to a sexy evening of naked fun.

Phone sex: getting kinky?

For couples in love, separation is the ultimate nightmare, but don’t despair – relief is at the other end of the phone. Keep the passion burning and the wires sizzling with lust on the line.

Sex outdoors: al fresco fun

The summer is a wonderful time for love, so surprise your partner with a sumptuous picnic and make the most of this warm, sensuous season – with outdoors sex play.

Good clean fun

Water, the essence of life itself – a cleanser, soother and healer. An invigorating shower makes a perfect prelude to a sensual night with your lover.

A night to remember

Spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment sex is great – but there are times when an evening and night of prolonged and leisurely lovemaking fit the bill exactly. Snuggle in, draw the curtains – and get ready!

Sensual massage: slip ‘n’ slide

If sensual massage is your idea of heaven, take it to the sensual limits. All you need is baby oil, a good lube or your favourite scented oil, a sheet of polythene and good sense of fun!