Sex Fantasy: Role Play

Divine decadence!

Recapture the essence of sexual freedom in the world of the nightclubs and smoky caverns of pre-war Berlin, where decadence ruled and life was one long cabaret.

Gangster and moll: sex Chicago-style

Sharp suits, plenty of money and sex appeal – the gangsters of prohibition America had it all. So why not spend a night as Mob King and Moll and enjoy a bedtime romp, gangster style!

Artist and model: get creative!

You don’t have to be a great artist to paint your partner. All you need is a strong and creative passion for the physical body – and a playful desire to experiment.

Roman romp: decadent loving

Take yourselves on a trip back in time to the most sensual and decadent of all civilisations and partake in the extraordinary physical pleasures of ancient Rome.

The happy hooker: sex on the wild side

Viva vice! It may be a deadly sin, but it can make for memorable sex. Play the happy hooker to a partner on the lookout for an unforgettable night of lust.

Teacher’s pet: get naughty!

Slip into a fantasy world. You’re back at school and about to fulfil the daydreams of your adolescence in the naughtiest of all role-playing games – and give new meaning to the phrase, ‘teacher’s pet’.

Cowboys and Indians: wild west sex

Childhood games of cowboys and Indians take on a completely new dimension when played with your partner grown-up style. So pick up a hat, put on some warpaint and prepare for an afternoon of pleasure.