Better Sex: Pleasing Him

So he has a small penis? Make him feel huge!

If your man does have a small penis – and bear in mind here that the average erect penis size is five to six inches – take these steps to rocking great sex and to convince him he is 110% man… and huge!

Four scintillating sex treats for him

Experiment with these sexy treats and techniques to add new experiences and sensations to even the best lovemaking.

Make woman-on-top sex even better!

Make your sex-play even more sensational. Take your man into the next pleasure zone by playing with his balls.

Oral sex tips

Head for the right spots, and you can have him in oral sex heaven in no time! The Lovers’ Guide gives you the low-down, or go-down, on the oral sex techniques guaranteed to please him.

Best sex positions for him

So many sex positions to choose from! Too many? You should certainly have fun exploring the lot – not all at once, mind! But if you’re stuck, or not in the mood to experiment, and you want a sure fire

Boobs, bums or legs – what does he like and how

Ask a man whether he prefers boobs, bums or legs and the chances are he will tell you all three. But many of them do have a favourite part of a woman’s body. Knowing what your best features are and how to show them off to full advantage is not only a great confidence boost but a useful seduction tool, too.

His erogenous zones – Know his body better than he does!

Fom his head to his toes, every part of a man will make him groan with pleasure, just as long as you know how to touch him the right way. The Lovers’ Guide shows you how.