Better Sex: Pleasing Her

G-spot orgasm technique

The G-spot continues to cause much heated discussion. What is it? Where is it? Does it even exist? And just what does a girl have to do to experience those fabled, mind-blowing G-spot orgasms? We present an illustrated guide.

Female masturbation techniques

Don’t be shy: masturbation is good for you! We explore the best female masturbation techniques to have you feeling sensual and reaching orgasm – alone or with your partner.

Becoming more sexually responsive – a self-help program for women

One of the most important components of a couple’s sexual happiness is the woman’s responsiveness. It is perfectly possible for a man to have sex with a woman who is unresponsive and therefore unaroused, but it will not give either partner much pleasure.

Oral sex positions – pleasing her

Oral sex is the ultimate sex treat for many women – and it’s a fine opportunity for men to lavish praise on their partner’s bodies. Many of your messages have asked about different oral sex positions to try, so here we’d like to make a few suggestions.

Ring her bell – with cock rings

Vibrators may be the most common sex toy tucked into the nation’s bedside drawers but cock rings are most certainly a useful addition to your sex toy chest. These circular toys are designed to slip over the penis and grip the base of the shaft, helping men stay harder for longer. Many modern cock rings also come with added clitoral stimulators or vibrators to increase the clitoral stimulation for a woman too – and hence increase the likelihood of her reaching climax through penetrative sex.

Helping women experience orgasm

Relatively few women experience orgasm through penetrative sex alone. This is partly because a thrusting penis provides too little in the way of clitoral stimulation, partly because the pace of penetrative sex isn’t that which women tend to need to reach orgasm, and it’s because penetrative sex alone doesn’t tend to be sufficiently sustained for the woman.

How to seduce your wife

Seducing a woman is always a pleasurable challenge for some men, but seducing a long-term partner may be an occasion which can bring even greater rewards.

Anal sex advice – to him for her

Time to experiment? If you or your partner might like to try being a ‘backdoors girl’, use this advice to get the most from your first anal sex experience. Painless, orgasmic and fantasy-fuelled intensity could be yours.

4 fabulous ways to please her

Pamper your partner. All that is required is a sensitive and loving touch – and a little imagination. We show you how.

Achieve multiple orgasms – because you can

Why stick with one, when you can ride on wave after wave of orgasmic bliss – to complete fulfillment?