I want sex during my period

Having sex during your period is entirely natural and, to many women, highly pleasurable – they feel more aroused than at other times. What, though, when your partner isn’t keen? Advice is given.

When casual, fun sex isn’t enough for him

‘I’ve been having fairly casual, good fun sex with a friend. I’m happiest not calling this a relationship. He’s seemed to want more – and now he’s started avoiding me altogether.’ Advice is given.

I had a three way: have I got HIV?

I don’t know who to turn to but the Lovers’ Guide. I am a mostly heterosexual woman but got a bit wild with a girlfriend and her boyfriend at the weekend. We had all drunk way too much and had some other stuff, too, then my gf started coming on to me. That was fine – and I suppose I quite enjoyed it. Her bf was obviously hugely excited by watching all this. Anyway, he didn’t have a condom – and I am terrified of getting pregnant so, when it came to having sex with me, I let him do it anally. Then I was talking generally about what we had got up to with my gf (we work together) – and she mentioned that her bf would get off on men sometimes just as we had got off on each other. Now I am terrified that I might have Aids (you wouldn’t belief how normally obsessive I am about safe sex) and don’t know how I can go to a clinic and say all this (it’s hard enough to write it down anonymously). What do I do?

Sexual mood swings: what’s the problem?

Advice is given to a man who experiences huge, periodic variations in his states of arousal and readiness to ejaculate/orgasm. When premature ejaculation alternates with retarded ejaculation, what’s going wrong?

Can I really tell my girlfriend about my sex toys?

A lot of guys appreciate anal stimulation, and many have enjoyed anal sex play with other guys. It’s good to be able to share our sexual experiences, desires and ways of enjoying sex with our partners. Advice is given.

My partner doesn’t like my sex toys

There are men out there who have issues with their partner’s sex toys. The sense of competition is a factor. So too is the nagging thought that, as ‘real men’, they should be delivering all the sexual pleasure their partner needs. Advice is given.

Sex positions to enhance female orgasm

I’m fairly sure I have a big enough penis – well, it’s seven and a bit inches from where I like to measure it, and it feels pretty girthy to me – but I don’t seem to be able to make my girlfriends have an orgasm when we’re having sex. I’ve tried the loads of the foreplay thing, tried some sex positions, and I’ve tried giving them an orgasm first, etc, etc. I want to cum together when we’re having sex. Is there some position I could use to make this happen?

My partner masturbates to porn

We may feel we should be the one and only for our partners – then we catch them masturbating looking at porn. Where do we go from there. Advice is given.

Sex and water

The feeling of weightlessness experienced in water can add a new dimension to a couple’s lovemaking – and you need look no further than the bath or shower for the ideal venue.

Using toys to enhance sex positions for her

Generally speaking, men find it much easier to climax during sex than women do. While it’s all well and good to go with the ‘ladies first’ approach, that isn’t always feasible in a long term relationship. Sometimes, you want the comfort of sex and mutual orgasm without having to spend hours on foreplay beforehand; and sometimes you want hot, fast sex without having to think about anything other than the passion of the moment. This is where a sex toy or two can come in handy.