The sex is great, the wet patch is horrible! Help!

A partner who gets really wet when you’re having sex, or who enjoys female ejaculation, can be a blessing and make for a vibrant sex life. Some men, however, can worry. Advice is given.

Oral sex issues: in my mouth?

Favourite foreplay for me is oral sex. I love to come when my man goes down on me – and it only makes when he enters me all the more sensational. I like to give him oral, too, but don’t want him to come. Partially it’s that I want him still able to come in me (well in a condom – we’ve only been together three months) but, I must admit, partially it’s the worry of not wanting to swallow his semen. I’ve just never done it. Does that matter? I am beginning to think he’s noticing what I’m up to.. Also, can I ask if I can catch an STD from oral sex?

Is masturbation damaging my relationship?

I really love my wife – and we have good sex, well, around three times a week. Usually twice at weekends and once in the week. Trouble is, I’m in an office on my own and I keep flipping YouPorn on my computer. I find I’m masturbating more than having sex – and the thought that I might get caught (people have sometimes come in – but not realized, I think!) makes it even more exciting. Sometimes I’m thinking it’s getting more of a turn on than sex with my wife and may damage my marriage. What do you suggest?

I’m a sexy, powerful woman: they’re letting me down

I’m a 25 year old who’s always liked short involvements or one night stands; I’m a professional woman, a boss, very into sex and, I like to think very savvy and empowered.

Orgasm issues: sex positions and orgasm

A range of great sex positions is one thing, but female orgasm can be hindered when your partner just can’t stop switching things round. Advice is given.

The ‘doggy’ sex position is making me feel abused

What happens when your partner seems to have got on an American Psycho-style power trip – and when you tell him you don’t feel so great about this he just seems to get off on it more and more? Advice is given. What would you do in this situation? Have your say in the LoveSpace forums.

Woman Sues Georgia Over Law Banning Sex Toys Sales..

A Georgia woman is suing her city over an ordinance that bans her from buying sex toys. The 2009 Sandy Springs ordinance only lets people buy sex toys if they have a prescription for the devices or a medical reason

Choosing vibrators: which is the right vibe for you?

If you’ve never tried using vibrators, it could be you’re baffled by the sheer range of types of vibe on offer and not know which to choose. Do you opt for a rabbit or a simple vibrating wand? Which sensations are you most looking for from your toy? Do you want to insert your toy – and how deeply, if so – or prefer clitoral stimulation alone? And what does it actually feel like to use the different toys?

I want a girl to let me try anal sex

What do you do if, as a heterosexual man, you really, really, really want anal sex, and the women you’ve had in your life have not wanted to be on the receiving end? Can anal sex really be that important? Advice is given.

Vibrators vs. dildos, the orgasm guide

Which are the sex toys best set to deliver your perfect orgasm? We’ve put together the Lovers’ Guide dildo and vibrator orgasm guide to help you decide.