Woman-on-top sex positions

On top and in control – exhibitionists don’t do it any other way! Stimulating all the senses, this sex position is forever one of the favourites. For the woman who likes to take the initiative and the man who enjoys watching his partner as they make love, woman-on-top sex positions cannot be beaten. And with deep penetration as an added bonus, they can increase the sexual pleasure for both partners in any loving relationship by adding new sensations to your lovemaking.

Shapes ‘n’ sizes: sex positions for all

We’d like to respond to the messages you’ve sent describing issues you’ve faced with some sex positions due to physical differences both between you and your partner and between the two of you and the couples you’ve seen in the Lovers’ Guide programmes.

To start with, we’d like to say this: Let’s celebrate difference! We humans certainly do come in all different shapes and sizes – and what a boring world it would be if that weren’t the case. Some of these differences – height, for example, or penis size – are differences we’re born with and, even were we to want to, can’t do a whole lot about. (Indeed, it’s usually damaging to want to try.) Other differences – most obviously weight – can be largely the results of choices we make.

Sex positions for intimacy

There are times when we want to feel skin-on-skin close with our lover, one within the other, maybe writhing or just lazying our way toward orgasm. What are the best sex positions for these times? Do we stick with missionary sex or switch things around a bit and still have maximum contact? Here are some suggestions. Share your own!

Sex positions with sex toys: heating it up for him

According to research, most people only have sex in three different positions: missionary, woman on top and doggie. While mixing up sex positions and trying something new can be great, there is a reason people tend to stick to the positions they know: because they know they work. If you want to get the best of both worlds, and if you want to enhance the positions with which you’re most comfortable, you can try something new with the cunning addition of sex toys. By using sex toys to enhance your usual sex positions, you have the advantage of familiarity with added new sensations and, with any luck, more intense orgasms for both of you.

3-D Lovers’ Guide creator Robert Page interviewed

Robert Page created the original “Lovers’ Guide” back in 1991. Here he talks about the huge impact of the brand over the last two decades and moving into 3-D and cinemas for the first time with “The Lovers’ Guide 3-D Igniting Desire”, for its 20th anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Best sex positions for deep penetration

Few couples use sex positions for deep penetration every time they make love. Occasionally, however, a couple may wish to experiment with positions that offer especially deep penetration and a whole wealth of new sensations.

Can I make my tiny penis bigger?

Penis size is a worry for many men, with most of those seeking surgical ‘enhancement’ already very much around the average mark – or bigger. When a man feels he has a very small penis – advice is given.

He doesn’t like oral sex: help!

What’s going on when your male partner doesn’t like you giving him oral sex? Could it be your technique – and is there anything you can do to encourage him to like you giving him a blowjob? Advice is given.

Taking your partner to sex school

The start of a sexual relationship is a time of exploration, when we both work out each other’s sex style and home in on what we both like from sex. Where there is an initial sex-mismatch… Advice is given.

Sex positions and cramping: three questions

With one partner on the large side and the other petite, not all sex positions might be comfortably available. What, though, when sex causes cramp? Advice is given.