Sex positions: spooning

Many women love ‘spooning’ because of the intimacy it offers. Both of you lie on your left or right sides, whichever is more comfortable for both of you.

Doggy style sex

Generally speaking, men tend to enjoy positions that give them a good view or deep penetration. ‘Doggy style’ satisfies both criteria.

The missionary position with raised legs

If you’re into deep penetration, try missionary position sex – with a twist.

Sex positions: Easy Rider

The woman lies on top of the man, facing her partner and straddling him. Once he’s penetrated her, she leans back on to her arms.

Sex postitions: Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Possibly one of the most effective variations on the missionary position is the Coital Alignment technique, or CAT position. This stimulates the G-spot and clitoris and is thought to assist mutual orgasm.

Sex positions: the bum lift

The ‘bum lift’ can be labour intensive, but it’s great for deep, G-spot stimulation – especially if he isn’t hugely endowed, and allows easy clitoral and breast stimulation – plus which, the man gets a great view!

Sex positions: the leg wrap

The leg wrap is a great variation of the timeless missionary position. It allows for deep penetration and plenty of clitoral stimulation.

Sex positions: the head rush

For an unusual angle of penetration – stretching his penis and targeting her G-spot – and a rush of blood to the head, try… the ‘head rush’!

Sex positions: over the edge

Reach dizzying heights of pleasure by spicing up the old favourite missionary position – with sensational results

The straddle position

A favourite with lazy lovers, the straddle is a woman-on-top sex position with a twist. While the man languishes in his seat, the woman climbs on board… with orgasmic results!