Bridge the sex-drive gap

Lost your appetite for sex? Sometimes you’re not in the mood when he is and vice versa. Whatever your level of desire, follow these simple tips to help sustain love-making.

Making love the first time

Can first time sex ever be great? Why do so many, many people find it disappointing? We look at the reasons first time sex goes wrong – and suggest how to make it better.

Rhythm in lovemaking

Making love has its mood and its pace. Whatever the season or time of day, understand your own rhythms and those of your partner for a more memorable lovemaking experience.

Sex and movement

Why limit the extent of your movement in intercourse? Try positions which allow the most scope for experiments with movement in sex – and so can make for the most vibrant lovemaking experience.

Let’s talk about sex! Here’s how

Communication: the vital ingredient for successful relationships and scintillating sex lives. Master these skills and talk, talk, talk!

Cowboys and Indians: wild west sex

Childhood games of cowboys and Indians take on a completely new dimension when played with your partner grown-up style. So pick up a hat, put on some warpaint and prepare for an afternoon of pleasure.

Sex with mirrors

Possibly the largest but least used sex aids in existence, mirrors can be found in every home – and when used creatively, can do more for your sex life than any number of aphrodisiacs.

Food sex!

If food is your sex fantasy, why not take a selection of what you fancy and partake in an erotic feast – with your partner as the main course.

Soft bondage

One of the great sexual fantasies of all time, bondage can be wildly erotic and deeply passionate, adding that hint of danger, spice and abandon to your lovemaking.

Striptease – him for her

Surprise your partner by tempting her with your own personal striptease act. And by daring to bear all, you can provide a tantalizing prelude to a sexy evening of naked fun.