Female Orgasm: When it Just Won’t Happen

The female orgasm is an elusive beast and, like a bar of soap in the bath, the more you try to grab hold of it, the more likely it is to slip away.

Female masturbation techniques

Don’t be shy: masturbation is good for you! We explore the best female masturbation techniques to have you feeling sensual and reaching orgasm – alone or with your partner.

Male multiple orgasm – you and yours

Multiple male orgasm is said to occur when the man is capable of separating the experience of orgasm from ejaculation. The training to achieve male multiple orgasm is an exercise in brinkmanship, muscle control and sheer will power. Once he is adept, it is said that the multi-orgasmic man may experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure – indefinitely, or until he grows wary or chooses to cum.

Problem: ‘Full sexual intercourse isn’t pleasuring me’

A Lovers’ Guide visitor writes: “I’ve been with my boyfriend for nine months and recently we have started having sex. Before, I was a virgin. We have only had sex three times and each time was sore and uncomfortable. For a number of months, we had been intimate with one another and I found this extremely pleasurable and usually reached orgasm within 15-20 minutes, but since we have had sex, I have not found being intimate as enjoyable, I don’t reach the same level of arousal and I find it hard to reach orgasm. What’s wrong with me?”

Oral sex issues

We’d like here to talk through some of the concerns and questions regarding oral sex which we have received from you. To judge by your messages, it seems that all over the world there are some key themes here. So if you’re worrying, don’t – you’re in very good company! These are the six most frequent you’ve sent in. Thank you for all your messages. Please keep them coming.

My sexual fantasies are really scaring me

Our sexual fantasies can seem a world away from the ways we actually have sex and think of our relationships. Advice is given to one whose sexual fantasies have become very troubling.

What’s made for your most memorable lovemaking ever?

We all have experiences of lovemaking which stand out in the memory, which we treasure and which we might hope to relive. What made those times so memorable – and how can we reach those dizzying heights again? Here are some of our suggestions – then tell us yours!

Anal dildo sex play for men

Anal dildo sex play offers a huge sense of sensual satisfaction, through the nerve-endings packed around the anus and, in the man, stimulation of the prostate, the male G-spot.

Becoming more sexually responsive – a self-help program for women

One of the most important components of a couple’s sexual happiness is the woman’s responsiveness. It is perfectly possible for a man to have sex with a woman who is unresponsive and therefore unaroused, but it will not give either partner much pleasure.

Oral sex positions – pleasing her

Oral sex is the ultimate sex treat for many women – and it’s a fine opportunity for men to lavish praise on their partner’s bodies. Many of your messages have asked about different oral sex positions to try, so here we’d like to make a few suggestions.