Woman-On-Top Sex Positions: A Girl’s Guide To Making It Good For Him

Woman-on-top sex positions can be a real thrill for both of you. It can be great for the woman to take charge. It feels liberating, there’s a power-kick, and it enables her to set the depth and the pace of penetration, in ways that are just right for her. For the man, it’s great occasionally just to kick back and admire the view, and enjoy the feeling. And, for his sake, it can be worth the woman’s sparing a thought for a man’s feelings and responses during woman-on-top sex. There are one or two things he’d maybe like you to know, and it is entirely possible he hasn’t been able to find the ways to say them yet. Without wishing to make anyone self-conscious, here are one or two things for girls to bear in mind when you want to have sex in woman-on-top positions.

Sharing Sex Toys: A Guys’ Guide For Pleasing Her

It has been said that there are good evolutionary reasons for her clitoris being on the outside, where your penis doesn’t do a great deal to stimulate. (Yes, we know: the clitoris is a far larger structure than appears on the outside, stretching back into her body, above her vagina and with legs around the urethra, so your penis might there do a little something to stimulate, if you’re huge. Meanwhile, uptown?) It has been said that this particular distribution of pleasure bits inclines the beautiful sex in terms of partner selection to men who have such qualities of care, intelligence, attention to detail, even selflessness, as are most suited to getting women off – qualities we can surely all admire. It has also been said that all our sexual-physiological arrangements prove is that God is not a woman, but let us eschew such pseudo-metaphysical guff. Men, her clitoris is your opportunity to shine. You have the key. You have a tongue, you have lips, you have lubricated fingertips, a veritable Chubb-lock of ecstasy. And you have her sex toys.

Oral Sex Positions And Techniques: Getting It Just Right

Strange as it may seem to some, but receiving oral sex is not, for a number of us, at the top of our wish list. It may be there are insecurities. It may be we don’t like the passivity. It may be that our partner’s technique just isn’t doesn’t do it for us. We’ve heard plenty of stories from people who let their partner perform oral sex on them, letting their partner give head really as a favour to their partner, when actually it just never is hitting the right spot. Here’s how to make sure he or she really is up for receiving oral sex – and, when you’re the one on the receiving end, how to make sure it’s working for you.

Sex Positions: Giving Him Anal Sex

Has that man of yours been hankering for a little action by way of the back door? Has he asked outright for anal sex? Or does anal sex as yet remain a hesitant, wistful longing, showing up as the dominant motif of his internet browsing history? Does he want to do it to you? If so, great: because now it’s his turn to get on the receiving end. To chew pillow, to take it like a man, that is. Seriously, survey after survey reports this is a very popular activity. Here, then, is a handy handful of dos and don’ts to make his first (passive) anal sex experience actually really – really Wow!

Oral Sex Positions, Techniques And Alternatives: In The Hand

Giving great oral sex is a beautiful pleasure for many of us, and an important part of our relationships with our loved ones. But let’s run a reality check and recall there are times when giving oral sex is about the last thing we want to be doing right now. It could be a mood thing. It could be you’re just not that into it, full stop. It could be, you get so far and it just starts to taste impossibly bad – to the point you cannot continue. It happens. And, with some men, it might happen pretty much every time. Now of course, if it’s not working for you, then you don’t carry on with it. Still, he wants that feeling… So lay him down, get him to close his eyes, and give him the exact same feelings of oral sex – with your hands.

Anal Sex Positions: Exploring Anal Sex, Him On Her

Anal sex comes top of the list for a lot of men of things they’d really, really like to try. Maybe it’s because it’s a little bit naughty, as it were forbidden fruit. Maybe he’s been watching porn, where anal sex is a staple, and has come to believe the whole world must be doing it. Maybe there’s an element of power-play involved, and that’s the sexual kick. Maybe it’s that your ass is tight, so there’s a real grip on his penis, and real friction. Exploring anal sex positions is, let’s face it, not to everyone’s taste, but there are those, and plenty of them, who discover – to his delight! – they really rather like it. Here are some tips if you’d like to know if anal sex could be right for you.

Female Orgasm: Video Guides | Sex Tips | Sex Positions And Sex Advice

Exploring and enhancing female orgasm, together with all aspects of sexual pleasure for him and her, is certainly one of the big reasons we exist at the Lovers’ Guide. Our videos – our video downloads – have changed millions of people’s love-lives for the better. We receive many messages from people the world over concerning orgasm. One question we often receive is from men and goes something like: How do I give her an orgasm? Right now, we’d like to take that question apart a little, and offer some essential advice on the best ways you can help her experience her orgasm.

Sex Positions For ‘G Spot Orgasms’

When we’re thinking of the sex positions which can be great for G Spot stimulation, we should say first off that the very notion of the G Spot, let alone of ‘G Spot orgasms’, is controversial. Amazingly, you might think, we don’t really know what the G Spot is. There are theories: it could reflect the extension of the clitoris back into the body behind the front vaginal wall; it could reflect the ‘female prostate’, a.k.a. the Skene’s gland; it could be a little piece of good news called the urethral sponge. And, if you have been digging around in yourself and you can’t find one, our best advice is maybe to lose the hype.

Hunger Games: Edging Orgasm

There’s a game played with sex, and the sexual response cycle, that a lot of guys know about, and have done since they first worked out that, by and large, they cum, they ejaculate, then that’s it. They’re done and the fun for now is over.

Sex Mistakes That Men Make – And How To Avoid Them

With the best and most mandrogynous will in the world, it can be that guys go into sexual relationships with a little to prove. We want to please, and probably wouldn’t mind as well being thought of as a great lover. There are pitfalls here and then, as relationships progress, and as our sense of what works for our partner comes on apace, it can be all too easy to think we’re ‘performing’ just fine, when really things are not quite as they could be. These are top sex-mistakes made by men, and how to avoid them.