Sustaining a Relationship

Grab the moment

You’re constantly in the heat of passion, can’t keep your hands off each other and every look exchanged is full of lust and promise. You leap on each other before you leave the house. You have to break off midway through dinner to have sex on the sofa. Your clothes just don’t stay on because you’re both so turned on all the time.

Keeping love fresh: Making every day like the first

No matter how long you have been together, sex can still be just as thrilling as when you first met. Discovering each other’s bodies and secret turn-ons is a process that need never end. If you are prepared to make the effort, lovemaking can even improve with time until you are enjoying the sex of your life.

Sexy text messaging

Ever since text messaging first took off, people have been sending each other sexy text messages. It’s a great way to show your lover that you still want them as much as you did on the day that you met. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get into a flirtatious conversation with your partner.

The seven-year itch: Does it exist?

Does the seven-year itch really exist? Well, although relationships do go through certain phases, they are neither fixed nor inevitable. What’s more, they can vary enormously depending on the individuals involved. The first phase is described as the honeymoon phase, often noted for its frantic sexual activity. As a general rule, the frequency of sex decreases over time. So couples often start to think that something is wrong once the honeymoon phase is over.


To cheat or not to cheat; it’s a thorny question and one that raises many issuse. So what should you do if your partner cheats – or you want to? Here are some of the questions the Lovers’ Guide regularly gets asked.

The sexual boredom FAQ

Many people find that as their relationship goes long term, their sex life goes downhill. There’s no need for this to be the case. Here are some of the most common issues.

Make your sex life sweeter!

What makes a good lover? Sexual happiness depends on more than technical ability. The good lover is confident in their own sexuality but, just as important, they have the ability to make their partner feel good about themselves – sexy and responsive.

Long-term love? Beat sexual boredom

Stuck in a sex rut? Feeling bored with the same-old sex routine? Banish old habits and rekindle the fires of passion. The Lovers’ Guide shows you how…

Sex and romance: keep the fires burning

Has sex gone stale? Follow these simple tips to spice up your sex life.

Relationship advice: breaking the silence

Is silence golden? Some relationships appear to tread a steady, peaceful path, but appearances can be deceptive. Apparent harmonious bliss can be a cover for stronger emotions.