Sustaining a Relationship

Tips for a loving Christmas

Christmas is a sensual time of year. We’re bombarded with smells, colours and seasonal tastes, all enticing us to spend, spend, spend – and indulge. So, with your lover, indulge.

Happy Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and those of us living in the northern hemisphere may have noticed too there’s a little more light in the world as we emerge from the deepest winter gloom. We hope your 2009 has got off to a pleasing start and that you’ve plenty ahead to look forward to. One thing we can all do is think of a Valentine’s as a most beautiful milestone in our relationships, a day on which we express our feelings of love, our experience together and our sense of our futures together. Share your tips on LoveSpace. Here are some ideas to get your thoughts and your juices flowing.

Creative Arguing

When you and your partner have an argument, do you end up frustrated and angry? Do they last all day and never seem to be resolved? Do you feel as if you’re always giving in against your will? If so, it’s time to make all those arguments more constructive.

Casual sex: brief encounters

When a long-term relationship is in the doldrums, a short, exciting fling with an attractive stranger can seem particularly appealing. It might seem just the boost you need to appreciate each other again – but it could also trigger the end between you.


A monogamous relationship is our romantic ideal, suggesting the stability and security most of us crave. But are we being unrealistic? Is monogamy a natural state for humans?

Moving in

When a couple start living together, it can seem like a dream come true. In fact, their problems may have only just begun.

Open Relationships

Allowing each other sexual freedom may seem fine in theory, but rarely works in practice. Emotions keep getting in the way.

Top sex tips from the Lovers Guide!

Want to improve your sex life? Try these suggestions to add a real zing to things.

Love across the miles

In the computer age, not only is it now easier to find your partner in any corner of the globe, it is also possible to keep love alive, regardless of how far apart you are in distance. Even 20 years ago it would have been rare to hear of a couple parted by long-distances maintaining a full sexual relationship. Now, we not only have letters and the telephone, we also have text, instant messaging and e-mail. So, if your loved one is about to move away, how can you make sure you keep your love, and sex-life, alive?

Reinforcing your sexy side

If you feel sexy, you’ll be more likely to look it – and as a result, get more of the sex that you want. By adding sensuality to every area of your life, you can give constant reinforcement to your sexual side and help boost your passion potential.