Sustaining a Relationship

Enhance Your Self-Esteem

There’s nothing more sexy than confidence. Assess your confidence levels, overcome shyness and learn to be more assertive, with these easy tips and tricks to boost your self-esteem.

Problem solving

Do you ignore problems in your relationship, hoping they will go away, or do you pack your bags? Problems needn’t herald the end. They can be an opportunity to change – for the better.

How relationships progress

The ups and downs of life with a partner are familiar to all of us – but do you know why the course of true love rarely runs smoothly?

Express your love

Perhaps the most important communications we make in our relationships are those which express to our partner how much we love and value him or her. If we are expressing our love a lot, then it’s highly likely that all

Top ten Valentine’s romance treats

What are your most romantic treats for Valentine’s? What would you like? What would you love? Send us your ideas! Here’s our list so far for inspiration!!

A sexy New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t all have to be about giving up the things you enjoy. Instead, opt for a more positive approach and resolve to boost your love life over the coming months with the following resolutions:

Sex tips and treats for long-term couples

Remember when your relationship was full of loaded glances, hours of bed rumpling frivolity, sensual dinners and luxurious baths together? Are you still lucky enough to be in that state? If so, congratulations – and you’re a lucky person. If not, there’s no need to worry.

Overcoming the fear of intimacy

In a close relationship, sex is safe: you can communicate needs and show your feelings without fear of rejection or ridicule. But many people – it can tend to be men especially – even though they may acknowledge a need for more closeness in their relationships, find intimacy hard to achieve. Indeed, they often fear and fight shy of it.

Independent loving

Maintaining independence in a relationship does not mean leading separate lives. The truly independent couple shares an understanding that allows each person to develop and grow within the framework of the partnership.

Money, money

Relationships can be torn at the seams through financial incompatibility and miss-planning. She earns more than he. He overspends on clothes, cars, booze; she wants the house with the third bedroom. Fundamentally, different people have different incomes, spending habits and priorities. Such is the age in which we live, that when they clash love might fly out the door.