Starting a Relationship

Can You inspire Your New Partner To Love You?

Take your new relationship to the next level. The sex is fantastic, they’re hot and you’re having a wild time… Well then, it’s about time they realised they’ve fallen head-over-heals in love with you.

The wrong partners

Advice for those of us who always seem to end up with the wrong guys and girls. How do we break with the habit of inappropriate relationship decisions?

Three little words: ‘I love you’

They can make your year or bring your hopes and plans dribbling to a premature end. When is the right time to say ‘I love you’? When are the wrong times? And how you do you best make sure you get the only one right answer, ‘I love you too’?

Compatibility tests

For weeks and even months you’ve been starry eyed, permanently bed-bound (in the right way), flushed with your body’s ‘love-buzz’ chemicals – and you most likely haven’t even cared to ask if this might be the one. Love is blind.


Commitment means different things to different people – and the meaning will vary according to what stage in life you’re at and where you are in your relationship. So you want a commitment? You’ve been dating for a good few weeks, you’re having great sex, feel the ‘love buzz’, really, really, really like each other – and generally feel it’s time to take things further, to begin a relationship and become a couple. What do you say?

Get yourself a lover by Valentine’s – the 8 point plan

If you’re single and looking ahead with dread to the spectacle of other people’s Valentine’s Day celebrations – and you want a lover – then it’s time for you to find a new partner with the Lovers’ Guide Valentine’s plan.

Love at first sight

Seeing a stranger across a crowded room and being stunned by the force of the knowledge that you are in love may strike many people as a romantic and unrealistic dream, but it can and does happen.

Friends and lovers: when first they meet

In the first weeks of relationships, the delicate issue of friends and your lover meeting might not arise. Perhaps you’re spending every free hour with your lover – as, if the chemistry’s there, you might certainly want to. Perhaps it doesn’t occur to you yet that you’re in a relationship and see no reason for your new lover to ‘meet the folks’. But then the time comes when you’re ready to emerge as a more or less tentative couple. Understandably, there might be a few nerves.

Safer sex for the heart

The phrase ‘safe sex’ is expected to apply to the body, but your heart is just as important. Sadly, you can’t protect your emotions with a packet of three, but a few bits of common sense can prevent you getting into obviously heart-breaking situations.