Relationship problems

Beat Possessiveness In Your Relationship

While it may seem natural to want to keep your partner solely to yourself, safely locked away from temptation, possessiveness may well be a sign of your own insecurity – and, unless checked, this can wreck the happiest relationship.

My husband won’t have sex with me

My husband of fifteen years has never had a real high sex drive, which stinks for me because mine is always racing. But within the past two years we have had sex probably ten times. He’s just not interested. To make matters worse I have gained a lot of weight through our marriage. It’s driving me insane. When I try to initiate sex, he rejects me, which thoroughly tears me apart.

My partner views internet porn

I’ve found my partner looks at lewd sites on the internet when I’m out, really pornographic stuff about older women etc. I have confronted him about it and he said it’s just for titillation. He also looked at an AdultFriend finder site. Again, when confronted, he said ‘sorry’ and that he wouldn’t do it again but he has.

Love scripts: bad relationship patterns and how to avoid them

Ever wondered why you find yourself in relationships that aren’t good for you? It could be you’re following your love script, your largely unconscious sense of how your relationships ought to be. And where your unconscious gets it wrong, remedial action and self-help become necessary.

My wife had a lesbian sex flirtation! Party on?

“Is my wife a lesbian?!” Well, probably no. Still, when the booze is flowing at a great party, sexy things can happen. Worry not: advice is given.

I’m snooping on my partner’s internet sex sites

I sometimes find my boyfriend on the internet, well, more that I see the ‘history’ of the sites he’s visited, and they’re just porn. We have an enthusiastic sex life (four or five times a week) and he says he loves me but I just feel I can’t be enough for him and find it’s really stopping me moving forward in this relationship. In many other ways he’s good and kind but this is beginning to get me down – and I hate finding myself snooping on his computer. What do I do?

My partner saw a prostitute?!

In the middle of a really bad row, and I mean a 9 on the Richter Scale, my husband spat at me that he had once been to a prostitute. It hit me hard at the time, but then the whole row was hugely unsettling, and I didn’t ask when or what the circumstances were. Now it’s preying on my mind and I am wondering if this happened during our five year marriage. How do I now ask? If it was do I leave him? This is really gnawing awing away at me, please help.

Lift your love life

We’d like to turn here to some of the messages you’ve sent in asking about what you can do to boost your relationships and revitalize your sex lives with your partners. Many of you are telling us that you’re looking for some quick, sexy tips – so if you dip and delve in the Lovers’ Site and DVDs you should find something to take your fancy. Some of you, though, seem really to feel that your love lives aren’t what you’d really like them to be.

Understanding and beating jealousy

Beat jealousy in your relationship – for once the ‘green-eyed monster’ is out of control, this dark and deep emotion can stifle and destroy love. And we ask: Can jealousy ever be good?

The destructive individual

Spot those who will destroy otherwise perfect relationships – and discover what drives them to act in the way they do.