Creative Arguing

When you and your partner have an argument, do you end up frustrated and angry? Do they last all day and never seem to be resolved? Do you feel as if you’re always giving in against your will? If so, it’s time to make all those arguments more constructive.

Casual sex: brief encounters

When a long-term relationship is in the doldrums, a short, exciting fling with an attractive stranger can seem particularly appealing. It might seem just the boost you need to appreciate each other again – but it could also trigger the end between you.


A monogamous relationship is our romantic ideal, suggesting the stability and security most of us crave. But are we being unrealistic? Is monogamy a natural state for humans?

Moving in

When a couple start living together, it can seem like a dream come true. In fact, their problems may have only just begun.

Boost your sex appeal

There’s nothing more fun than feeling sexy, and even if you’re feeling low on confidence, there are plenty of little things you can do to make yourself the centre of attention.

Open Relationships

Allowing each other sexual freedom may seem fine in theory, but rarely works in practice. Emotions keep getting in the way.

How to make friends and influence people

Here’s what’s happening. You’re out and about, perhaps at the local, and you meet – we’ll take this from the point of view of the girls and call him Joe. You met Joe for the first time last week. He’s great. He’ll make a really good friend, maybe a lover. From the centre of his group of friends, he spots you, calls your name, and, open armed, beckons you over. Now you’re making a dozen more new friends – and potentially lovers. This is what you did.

Saying its over

You know it’s time for the relationship to end. You’ve closed off from him. You just no longer fancy him, find his presence and his (increasingly) irritating (stupid) habits downright oppressive. (Why did it never really bug you before, the way he’d pick at his toenails while you watched TV?) So you look for excuses – anything – to be anywhere other than with him, even vaguely near him, to shut him out of your mind and life. Meanwhile, he’s still blissfully living the dream. He believes, knows, you’re the one who’s going to last forever. You’re the big thing in his life that makes him happy. So what do you do?

Setting the scene

You’ve had a wonderful evening. You dined well, perhaps saw a play, spent a little more time than you’d planned getting lost in the noise of your favourite bar. Now you’re taking him home. And now you need to preserve and enhance the mood of the evening so far. You don’t want to get through the door and find that mood crash, because the light’s wrong, your bedroom’s messy and the home just isn’t a sexy place.

How to flirt

Flirting is massively underrated but it’s a great way to make someone desire you!