Overcoming the fear of intimacy

In a close relationship, sex is safe: you can communicate needs and show your feelings without fear of rejection or ridicule. But many people – it can tend to be men especially – even though they may acknowledge a need for more closeness in their relationships, find intimacy hard to achieve. Indeed, they often fear and fight shy of it.

Independent loving

Maintaining independence in a relationship does not mean leading separate lives. The truly independent couple shares an understanding that allows each person to develop and grow within the framework of the partnership.

Money, money

Relationships can be torn at the seams through financial incompatibility and miss-planning. She earns more than he. He overspends on clothes, cars, booze; she wants the house with the third bedroom. Fundamentally, different people have different incomes, spending habits and priorities. Such is the age in which we live, that when they clash love might fly out the door.

Tips for a loving Christmas

Christmas is a sensual time of year. We’re bombarded with smells, colours and seasonal tastes, all enticing us to spend, spend, spend – and indulge. So, with your lover, indulge.


Commitment means different things to different people – and the meaning will vary according to what stage in life you’re at and where you are in your relationship. So you want a commitment? You’ve been dating for a good few weeks, you’re having great sex, feel the ‘love buzz’, really, really, really like each other – and generally feel it’s time to take things further, to begin a relationship and become a couple. What do you say?

Understanding body language

Most of our communication is through what is known as body language, the facial and bodily movements that – consciously and unconsciously – express our thoughts and feelings. Understanding this language can help you understand the rules of attraction!

How will you love me? The clues, the rules

The ways people look, dress, talk and move provide clues about their sexual performance. Master these skills, read the signals your possible partner doesn’t even know he or she is sending, and you’ll flirt and date with confidence – matching your love styles and making sex better.

Sexual success – and the human male

Many men feel unsuccessful with women. The Lovers’ Guide lets you into the secrets of sexual success!

Happy Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and those of us living in the northern hemisphere may have noticed too there’s a little more light in the world as we emerge from the deepest winter gloom. We hope your 2009 has got off to a pleasing start and that you’ve plenty ahead to look forward to. One thing we can all do is think of a Valentine’s as a most beautiful milestone in our relationships, a day on which we express our feelings of love, our experience together and our sense of our futures together. Share your tips on LoveSpace. Here are some ideas to get your thoughts and your juices flowing.

Get yourself a lover by Valentine’s – the 8 point plan

If you’re single and looking ahead with dread to the spectacle of other people’s Valentine’s Day celebrations – and you want a lover – then it’s time for you to find a new partner with the Lovers’ Guide Valentine’s plan.