Speaking your body’s language!

The clues that your body gives away about you can be even more important than what you say! If you don’t believe us, try this the next time you’re flirting with someone: First, make eye contact. Leisurely drop your gaze to your object of desire’s lips then return to their eyes. Repeat this. By the third time you look at their lips, they’ll be drawn to kiss you. Keep reading to find out…

Making the most of what you’ve got

OK, so you’re no George Clooney. But then again neither is anyone else. Except George Clooney, obviously. But even he’s no Tom Cruise. The fact is, everyone’s different and – until they invent a combination personality and face transplant – we’re all stuck with those differences for life. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to build on what nature has given you to make yourself more attractive to potential partners. In fact there’s plenty of things you can do to make the most of what you’ve got.

Taking a relationship to the next level

There’s always been something different about lesbian relationships – they are often set apart from both male homosexual and heterosexual relationships, simply because of the dynamics are unlike any other.

Saying its over

You know it’s time for the relationship to end. You’ve closed off from him. You just no longer fancy him, find his presence and his (increasingly) irritating (stupid) habits downright oppressive. (Why did it never really bug you before, the way he’d pick at his toenails while you watched TV?) So you look for excuses – anything – to be anywhere other than with him, even vaguely near him, to shut him out of your mind and life. Meanwhile, he’s still blissfully living the dream. He believes, knows, you’re the one who’s going to last forever. You’re the big thing in his life that makes him happy. So what do you do?

The ex-Factor

Can you be friends with your ex – and should you? The Lovers’ Guide gives you the grounds on which you can decide.

Your first gay relationships

The first time, or several times, that you have a boyfriend, it can be the case that there’s an explosive release of hopes, dreams, desires and pent-up emotions. You feel you’re in love and, finally, now is your chance to join and be massively intimate with a fellow gay human being. Maybe the relationship will last a long time. Perhaps it will burn itself out in a few dizzy weeks or months. Either way, while there are no rigidly fixed rules, these are the rules.

Counselling and how to get it

Many people benefit from talking over their problems with a counsellor and the field of counselling has grown enormously in recent years. As the field grows so does the number of approaches, and although this means that there is bound to be some form of counselling to suit most people, it can be difficult to make a choice.

Safer sex for the heart

The phrase ‘safe sex’ is expected to apply to the body, but your heart is just as important. Sadly, you can’t protect your emotions with a packet of three, but a few bits of common sense can prevent you getting into obviously heart-breaking situations.