Flirting Tips

How to write an internet dating profile

Your internet dating profile is a showcase and an advert for you. More than this, though, your profile presents a set of cues other people can use to contact you in a way that is meaningful. It is a part of a conversation you are already having with the other members of your dating site before an individual message has yet been sent

Signs of flirting

Spot the secret signs of flirting. Girls, get to grips with male body language flirting – and guys, if you’re flirting with women, learn how to do it right and see whether they really are keen on you.

Mirroring body language

Opposites can and do attract, but when it comes to who we fall for, our sense of similarity usually counts for much. We are drawn when we feel we’re connected, as if, perhaps, we’ve known each other before.

Understanding body language

Most of our communication is through what is known as body language, the facial and bodily movements that – consciously and unconsciously – express our thoughts and feelings. Understanding this language can help you understand the rules of attraction!

How will you love me? The clues, the rules

The ways people look, dress, talk and move provide clues about their sexual performance. Master these skills, read the signals your possible partner doesn’t even know he or she is sending, and you’ll flirt and date with confidence – matching your love styles and making sex better.

Boost your sex appeal

There’s nothing more fun than feeling sexy, and even if you’re feeling low on confidence, there are plenty of little things you can do to make yourself the centre of attention.

How to make friends and influence people

Here’s what’s happening. You’re out and about, perhaps at the local, and you meet – we’ll take this from the point of view of the girls and call him Joe. You met Joe for the first time last week. He’s great. He’ll make a really good friend, maybe a lover. From the centre of his group of friends, he spots you, calls your name, and, open armed, beckons you over. Now you’re making a dozen more new friends – and potentially lovers. This is what you did.

Enjoying the anticipation

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Think back to the days of teenage fumbling, before you’d ever had sex. The urgency, the arousal and the beautifully aching frustration of wanting someone so much that it hurts can create a serious high.

Play the dating game

Everyone’s got a horror story to share when it comes to chat-up lines from hell! Brush up your dating skills with our guide to chatting up a potential date.

Safe sex or no sex

Sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids are, sadly, a part of life. All human activities have risks. If your partner’s unwilling to practice safer sex, you’re putting yourself in danger.