Your Broken Relationships: Share Your Stories Here

We all have our memories of past relationships, which in one way or another weren’t meant to be and didn’t work out. It may be that at the time, the break-up was terribly painful, especially if we did not want the relationship to end, if we were indeed in love and we got dumped. It may be things were rather more casual than that, the relationship more easy-come, easy-go, and never really a settled thing, into which we poured our love and hopes and dreams.

Beat Possessiveness In Your Relationship

While it may seem natural to want to keep your partner solely to yourself, safely locked away from temptation, possessiveness may well be a sign of your own insecurity – and, unless checked, this can wreck the happiest relationship.

Enhance Your Self-Esteem

There’s nothing more sexy than confidence. Assess your confidence levels, overcome shyness and learn to be more assertive, with these easy tips and tricks to boost your self-esteem.

Can You inspire Your New Partner To Love You?

Take your new relationship to the next level. The sex is fantastic, they’re hot and you’re having a wild time… Well then, it’s about time they realised they’ve fallen head-over-heals in love with you.

How To Pass The First Date Test

You can worry about it and muddle it all you like. You can say the wrong thing, spill the wine, pig out on a four course feast while your date eats salad, forget the name of that book you were reading especially to make conversation… And it’ll all be okay. You want to get to the second date? Well, you’ve got it – if you follow these rules.

My husband won’t have sex with me

My husband of fifteen years has never had a real high sex drive, which stinks for me because mine is always racing. But within the past two years we have had sex probably ten times. He’s just not interested. To make matters worse I have gained a lot of weight through our marriage. It’s driving me insane. When I try to initiate sex, he rejects me, which thoroughly tears me apart.

The wrong partners

Advice for those of us who always seem to end up with the wrong guys and girls. How do we break with the habit of inappropriate relationship decisions?

Problem solving

Do you ignore problems in your relationship, hoping they will go away, or do you pack your bags? Problems needn’t herald the end. They can be an opportunity to change – for the better.

Single and dating? Top ten conversation tips

Brush up your dating skills. The Lovers’ Guide advises on the do’s and don’ts of sexy conversation.

My partner views internet porn

I’ve found my partner looks at lewd sites on the internet when I’m out, really pornographic stuff about older women etc. I have confronted him about it and he said it’s just for titillation. He also looked at an AdultFriend finder site. Again, when confronted, he said ‘sorry’ and that he wouldn’t do it again but he has.