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Lesbian Sex Positions

The sex positions workout


It’s all too easy to become complacent in a relationship. Yes it’s all rather wonderful when you first meet – you’re having sex everywhere possible in every which way known to womankind, but we all know, after a while, things can get a bit formulaic.

Enhancing lesbian sex positions


Try these suggestions to enhance your experience of lesbian sex – then tell us how you get the most from your lovemaking. Share your secrets here!

Using a strap-on


A lot of lesbians traditionally thought that using a strap-on during sex alluded to penis envy – that really all you wanted was to sleep with a man and have penetrative sex all the time.

Sex positions – yin yang


This may sound harder than it is! Although it involves a fair amount of suppleness, it is an intimate and satisfying position for both.

Sex positions – reverse oral


Here’s a simple variation on a traditional theme of cunnilingus that should be easy enough for both of you.

Sex position – the cat’s cradle


Direct mutual clitoral stimulation can be difficult to achieve, but is so satisfying that it’s worth the trouble to learn this tricky position.

Sex positions – 69


It’s easy, and it’s really, really enjoyable. It’s also a classic in the history of sex positions!

Sex positions – from behind


If you want a position that will leave her wanting more, then this is it!