Sex Play

Masturbation techniques

Being a lesbian, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll be good at masturbating. Or is it? Many lesbians feel that touching themselves is actually quite a difficult act – and find that the only time they can come into contact with a vagina is when they are sleeping with another woman.

Exploring group sex for lesbians

Group sex for lesbians isn’t the first thing that springs to mind as usual behaviour. Lesbians are usually seen as the nesting sort that get into a relationship as soon as possible and disappear off the scene for a while.

Bondage for lesbians

Generally, mentioning to someone that you would be interested in partaking in bondage with someone, can tend to send them screaming for the door – or edging slightly nervously around on their seat.

Sex treats for lesbians

Are you feeling that your sex life is getting you down? Is it all a little too dreary and needs a good kick up the proverbial? Take a look at our top tips for getting things back into shape.

Do lesbians have anal sex?

The answer to this, of course, is yes – but not all of them! Anal sex does occur between lesbians more frequently than people think. It is only once you start asking around that you realise it is actually more common than first thought.
Although there are some women who do not like to have penetrative sex of any kind, there are those that enjoy both vaginal and anal sex with either fingers or toys.

Create your sexy video

In this digital age, there are many ways to enhance your sex life that are way beyond what you might have already considered. It’s socially much more acceptable now to use digital photos and video to keep a private record of your love life and many more are doing this to fulfil fantasies and improve their sex life – whether they be in a long term relationship of many years or are simply moving things to the next stage in a steamy courtship.

Striptease for lesbians

Striptease may not be the first thing you think of when trying to impress the girl in your life, or simply making a change to a more routine sex life, but it can be rewarding and fun for both of you.

Introducing water play into your sex life

Look up lesbians and water play on the internet and you’re quite likely to bring up a long list of lesbian water polo clubs – not exactly inspiring, but you’ll find that when you think about what fun you can

What is vaginal fisting – and how to do it

Vaginal fisting is somewhat of a taboo still amongst lesbians. The term itself has quite aggressive connotations, but when done correctly can actually be enjoyable and exciting whether it be with a regular girlfriend or someone you are dating on a casual basis.

Role play for lesbians

When anyone mentions role play, it’s quite often that bizarre and somewhat scary thoughts are conjured up. You picture yourself dressed up as a doctor about to administer an enema, or perhaps scouring the charity shops for weeks on end looking for something that resembles a seventies moth-eaten French maids outfit.