Control in a mixed age relationship

My older partner never wants me to take the sexual initiative and turn her on. She is so controlling.

Quality, not quantity – ensuring each time is better than the last

Three words that often haunt a relationship – lesbian bed death. It happens and when it does, it can cause major problems in a relationship.


If you’re thinking of a long term relationship, here’s how to judge if you really are going to be right for each other beyond the first three months of loved up bliss.

How to talk about sex with your partner

It’s often the case that the people who should be talking the most about sex are those who find it hardest to. We use our bodies to reach towards intimacy, yet may not be achieving the full sense of intimacy we really want because the words are missing. If we can learn to communicate about sex with words, it can improve our sex life no end and also in turn, our relationships.

How about not having sex?

Women can tend to be more tactile than men. Okay, so it’s a generalization and there are exceptions, but women are often seen as being the more nurturing beings. So what do you get when you have two women together? Usually lots of nesting and definitely lots and lots of cuddles.

Meeting her parents for the first time

A lesbian relationship often has different ‘rules’ to heterosexual or gay ones, but there is one part of a relationship that cements it as more than just dating or a fling – meeting the parents.

I feel unfaithful – like I’m cheating

Hi. I’m writing in looking for some advice really! I met my soul mate three years ago and I’ve been with her in a very serious relationship for the past two years. I left my boyfriend of four years for her. The connection we had the second we met was undeniable, really amazing. Over the past two weeks I’ve been thinking about another girl that I’ve met. I know it’s just a phase but it’s the first time I’ve gotten ‘distracted’ from my baby. It’s really bothering me. I feel guilty.

Achieving intimacy

Being intimate with another person is a pleasure that goes far beyond that of a purely sexual relationship. Sharing yourself with someone can lead to a deep and fulfilling relationship, and this is no different for two women.

She doesn’t love me anymore

My girlfriend left me saying that she just doesn’t love me. I don’t understand the situation and I am finding it hard to think what I can do to win her back. She wasn’t having an affair, and I had done nothing wrong – she just simply left me! What can I do?

Too much, too soon

Ending a relationship is always going to be difficult, even if you feel you are no longer in love. It’s important, however, to maintain self-respect and dignity throughout, no matter how things turn out.