Lesbian sex on your period

It’s not the most pleasant of topics to some people, but to others it isn’t even an issue. Having sex while you have your period is an inevitable scenario that pretty much every woman of child-bearing age will come across.


When realising that you have feelings for another woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are gay, but if it’s something you think about a lot or have experienced more than a few times, then it’s likely that you are more than straight.

Overcoming inhibitions

Everyone is inhibited to a certain extent, particularly when with a new lover, but it can be difficult if you are with a same sex lover. If you’re a girl who loves girls, then there are even more pitfalls – whether you be the one who suffers inhibitions, or have a lover who finds it difficult to be anything but inhibited.

Am I gay?

Looking back, many men who identify as gay know they’ve been so for as long as they remember. When they found the word gay and applied it to themselves, no matter how or at what age this happened, they found their whole lives suddenly clicked into place. They were different, sensitive, subtly removed from the majority. Now they knew why. Had they then asked themselves the question, ‘Am I gay?’ the only honest answer would have been, ‘Yes. I am gay.’

HIV – for lesbians

I’ve heard that lesbians are at risk from HIV. Is this the case, and if so, what can I do to protect myself?

Does she only want me for sex?

Question: I love my girlfriend very much, and we have a great sex life which is varied, interesting and loving. However, sometimes I feel as though she does only want me for sex and that cuddles, kissing and special moments aren’t as important as both of is having an orgasm.

Time of the month?

My girlfriend and I are experiencing really bad timing with our periods. Can you suggest a way to have sex while having our periods?

Am I gay?

Q. This may sound like a really stupid question, but am I gay? There’s a girl at work that I get on really well with, but just recently I’ve found it difficult to say goodbye to her after drinks out, or I’m thinking about her more than I should.

The first time

Q. I have always been attracted to women. I met a woman who I have totally fallen for. Problem? Neither of us has ever had sex with another woman before. It may sound strange, but we are crazy about each other. My concern is our inexperience. How do I go about taking things further?

Lesbian stereotypes

Don’t be fooled into thinking, when you first hit the scene, that you need to conform to stereotypes. Be yourself and you’ll be sure to find genuine sexual happiness in the long run.