Masturbation techniques

Being a lesbian, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll be good at masturbating. Or is it? Many lesbians feel that touching themselves is actually quite a difficult act – and find that the only time they can come into contact with a vagina is when they are sleeping with another woman.

Exploring group sex for lesbians

Group sex for lesbians isn’t the first thing that springs to mind as usual behaviour. Lesbians are usually seen as the nesting sort that get into a relationship as soon as possible and disappear off the scene for a while.

Bondage for lesbians

Generally, mentioning to someone that you would be interested in partaking in bondage with someone, can tend to send them screaming for the door – or edging slightly nervously around on their seat.

The sex positions workout

It’s all too easy to become complacent in a relationship. Yes it’s all rather wonderful when you first meet – you’re having sex everywhere possible in every which way known to womankind, but we all know, after a while, things can get a bit formulaic.

Sex treats for lesbians

Are you feeling that your sex life is getting you down? Is it all a little too dreary and needs a good kick up the proverbial? Take a look at our top tips for getting things back into shape.

Do lesbians have anal sex?

The answer to this, of course, is yes – but not all of them! Anal sex does occur between lesbians more frequently than people think. It is only once you start asking around that you realise it is actually more common than first thought.
Although there are some women who do not like to have penetrative sex of any kind, there are those that enjoy both vaginal and anal sex with either fingers or toys.

Control in a mixed age relationship

My older partner never wants me to take the sexual initiative and turn her on. She is so controlling.

UK police warn of teenage ‘sexting’

A worrying number of teenagers are swapping intimate or sexually explicit photos, called “sexts”, on their mobiles, police say. Related Links http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/technology/newsid_8181000/8181443.stm

Dusting away the winter blues

There’s nothing worse than winter to dampen your desire. It’s all cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle in front of the TV eating soup and being cosy.

Quality, not quantity – ensuring each time is better than the last

Three words that often haunt a relationship – lesbian bed death. It happens and when it does, it can cause major problems in a relationship.