Your Sexual Self

The G-Spot – and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality

When The G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality was first published in 1982 it started a revolution, single-handedly ushering in a new era of research on female sexuality, radically changing the professional practices of sex therapists, and positively affecting the lives of thousands and thousands of individual women. To understand why this book had the profound impact it did, we need to look back to the middle of the last century.

Definitions of Orgasm

Although many may prefer that orgasms remain indescribable and undefinable, some have proposed a definition:

Sex and the Subconcious

Sigmund Freud paved the way for this interest but he was by no means the first person to grapple with the concept that a part of the mind controls our thoughts and actions in some mysterious way.

Sex and Alcohol

While advertisers would have us believe that drinking alcohol is a sure-fire route to sexual bliss – depicting glamorous, healthy and beautiful people indulging – we examine the reality of sex and alcohol. How far can you go before sex fails and your body is irreparably harmed?

Anxiety, Depression and Sex

Learning to relax in lovemaking minimizes the emotional charge of anxiety and depression – and helps prove the ups and downs of life need not destroy sexual pleasure. Here’s how.

Sex and Guilt

Attitudes towards sex imposed on us by our parentscan have a dramatic effect on future sexual relationships. Guilt has a lot to answer for.


Sexual experiences with both men and women can be a normal part of growing up. But some people continue to feel they cannot limit themselves to one sex – they need heterosexual and homosexual relationships.


Whatever the roots of broodiness, be they instinctual, cultural or learned, when it hits, it hits hard.


Promiscuous sex can be born of despair or of youthful experimentation. For teenagers, it is often a phase before they settle down and commit themselves to one special person.