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Tight foreskins and circumcision

A Lovers’ Guide visitor writes: I believe it is necessary to share some knowledge which is very important for your readers to help dispel some common misperceptions about what to do about tight foreskins and about what actually occurs to the penis subsequent to the circumcision operation.

Can I improve the taste of my penis?

We know that what you eat and drink affects the taste of ejaculate (cum), but can you also change the taste of your penis – to make it even better for your partner than it is already? Advice is given.

The Clitoris – Purely for Pleasure

Maximise sexual pleasure – with nature’s blessing

Preventing pregnancy

Whilst having children is a wonderful thing, an unwanted pregnancy can cause unnecessary stress on a relationship. Making sure you that you practice safer sex is essential. Plus, unprotected sex can lead to any of a number of sexually transmitted infections (see Related Links for article on STIs). The golden rule is always use a condom with a new partner.

The Contraception Q&A

There are lots of forms of contraception out there and many people have questions about which is best for them. Whilst your GP can give you advice that’s tailored for you, here are some of the most common questions.

The Breast: A Guide

A woman’s breast are the most obvious signs of her sexuality as well as being an important erogenous zone. But a primary biological function is to provide milk to feed and nourish a baby. We take you through what’s happening.


Hormones play an essential role in sustaining the body’s communications system. Without them, boys would not develop their masculine characteristics and women would be incapable of reproducing.


They help moths to mate, locusts to swarm and ants to recognise each other. But what do pheromones do for humans? Are they the subliminal seducers the cosmetics industry would have us believe?


Hysterectomy is often the only solution for long-term gynaecological problems. It is a big operation and the decision to have it is often traumatic – but in most cases will have cured a painful or distressing condition, leading to a happier love life.