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How long should orgasm take?

I’m worried that I am not normal because it always takes around 30 minutes for me to come when my boyfriend goes down on me. I’ve always been like this with all the boyfriends I’ve had but this is the first time I’ve worried about it as my boyfriend said that all his ex girlfriends only used to take about 10 minutes. I thought everyone took as long as me. I do enjoy it so I’m confused why it takes me so long? Can you help?

Why is my orgasm so intense?

Can you tell me if I am strange? I sometimes find that clitoral stimulation becomes so intense that I can hardly stand it! Of course it’s also extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. Am I peculiar or is it because I generally have sensitive skin? It only happens occasionally, but it’s disconcerting and my partner thinks I am winding him up.

Love hurts: painful intercourse

Q: Every time I get near to the point of orgasm, it reaches a point where it becomes physically unbearable. As a consequence, I remove myself from the situation by pulling/backing away from my boyfriend. This occurs each subsequent time, and I’m really getting upset and frustrated with the situation. Can you suggest anything that might help?

Is my vagina normal?

Q: I’ve noticed an unsightly piece of skin hanging down from my vagina. It’s attached to the outer wall of my vagina and I am quite worried! I’ve been told that when our hymens break, they attach themselves to our vagina walls unnoticeably but I’m afraid mine is quite noticeable (if this skin is my hymen that is).

Menopause concerns

Q. My new partner and I are both 50, and are extremely fortunate to be able to say that this is the most exciting and satisfying sex either of us has ever had (we’ve calmed down a little now, but still enjoy a minimum of twice-daily sessions).

Whats in semen?

Q. What’s in semen? I ask because it tastes salty and the doctor says I have to cut down on my salt intake. Also what is the pH level? Do you know? I have heard it messes your insides up too if you swallow. What are the effects and are they harmful?

Tight foreskin problems

Q. My boyfriend is having problems with his penis. He can get an erection but his foreskin is tight and so sex is very painful for him. When we have tried to make love the skin rips and bleeds and so of course recently our sex life has been non-existent. He has been to the doctors about this but he claims she was dismissive and suggested rubbing Vaseline into it day and night.

Anal sex: What does it involve?

Ten per cent of couples try anal sex at some time. While it’s not for everyone, if you want to try it, here are some of the most common queries.

Frequent sexual health questions answered

People are often afraid to ask about many aspects of sex, but don’t worry, everyone has their own concerns. Here are some of the most common.

Why am I nasty to him?

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and a half now. I’m positive I love him, and he is just great with me. The problem is me. I snap at him for nothing. I’m edgy and nervous and very irritable. We had a big fight about it and I promised I would try and be more human.