Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnant? Sex should be fine

Everything changes during pregnancy. There are new feelings, new emotions and new pleasures. And sex too will be different. We give you what you’ll need to know.

I’ve disliked my vagina since childbirth

Childbirth tends to traumatize the vagina. Sometimes the impact is relatively slight, at other times more serious. Advice is given to one woman who seriously dislikes her appearance after childbirth.


Sex isn’t just a fun thing to do; it’s also got a purpose, namely, procreation! Many people worry about getting pregnant. Some of the most common issues are tackled here.

Pregnancy: the last three months

The baby’s rapid growth during the last three months of pregnancy is vital for a healthy birth. We explain what’s happening – and what you can do.

Pregnancy: 3-6 months

The Lovers’ Guide takes you through the second stage of pregnancy, the middle months, usually the most enjoyable of all for the mother-to-be.

The first three months of pregnancy

Despite the fact few outward changes occur, the earliest months of pregnancy are the most eventful. We take you through the first stages – from the discovery you’re going to have a child.

Childbirth techniques

Giving birth can be a straightforward hospital bed affair, or it can involve one of the more controversial methods. We consider your options.

Exercises after childbirth

Your baby has arrived and you feel rushed off your feet. But set aside some time each day to follow this gentle workout which will coax you back into shape.


For some men, the responsibilities that come with their first child can seem daunting, but given the chance, the rewards that fatherhood brings soon outweigh the fears.